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Fargo 5x07 and 5x08 - The Review: no way out
Tv Series

Fargo 5×07 and 5×08 – The Review: no way out

"This is a true story" Fargo has always warned us at the opening of every single episode of each of its five seasons. Those of Fargo, in fact, have always been true stories in a fake microcosm, a distorted reflection of reality in which human ineptitude finds its maximum expression...
Fargo 5x06 - The Review: not while I'm around
Tv Series

Fargo 5×06 – The Review: not while I’m around

The second half of Fargo season 5 opens with the episode The Tender Trap, a title that takes its name from the nightclub that banker Vivian Dugger (Andrew Wheeler) frequents. It is precisely in the nightclub that Sheriff Tillman decides to visit him, ordering him to interrupt the sales negotiation...
Fargo 5x05 - The Review: lions, tigers and bears
Tv Series

Fargo 5×05 – The Review: lions, tigers and bears

“You told me that a woman by nature is a housewife. You never told me that this woman is actually a tiger.” In the opening episode of Fargo 5, Ole Munch expressed himself in these terms when referring to Dorothy (Juno Temple) following his failed attempt to kidnap her. It...
Fargo 5x04 - The Review: the cost is always death
Tv Series

Fargo 5×04 – The Review: the cost is always death

Insolubilia. The title of the fourth episode of Fargo 5 refers to the paradox of the liar (or antinomy of the liar), whose variations were grouped in the Middle Ages under the name of Insolubilia to indicate the lack of any possibility of solution. According to this antinomy, given a...
Fargo 5x03 - The Review: dark rituals for real sins
Tv Series

Fargo 5×03 – The Review: dark rituals for real sins

The characters shown from the universe of Fargo they often present some specific characteristics that place each of them on a level that we would define as abstract or absurd; in fact all the protagonists seem to dominated by dark and indomitable forces, tied to a code of values ​​known...