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Cher remembers Norman Jewison: "Goodbye sweet prince"

Cher remembers Norman Jewison: “Goodbye sweet prince”

Cher, star of Moonstruck, fondly remembered director Norman Jewison, who passed away a few days ago. The news of passing of Norman Jewison shook the world of Hollywood. There are several social memories dedicated to the director and among the most affectionate stands out that of Cher, awarded the Oscar...
The Promise today January 16, 2024: Simona accuses Petra
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Paula Losada leaves The Promise: goodbye to Jimena

Paula Losada lascia La Promessa The promise: Paola Losada lascia la soap. This is the unexpected news announced by Jimena's interpreter on her social networks after having been one of the main antagonists of the costume soap for many months. Present in well 254 episodeswe witnessed Jimena's slow transformation from...
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