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The Promise, Curro's real father revealed
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The Promise, Curro’s real father revealed

The Promise, Pia and Gregorio get married One of the greatest mysteries of The promise seems to have finally found an answer. The soap opera – broadcast from Monday to Friday at 4.40pm on Canale 5 – has kept the public in suspense for months due to the mystery of...
The Promise, previews first episode May 29, 2023
Tv Series

The Promise: Dolores, Jana and Curro’s mother

The Promise, all about Dolores, Jana and Curro's mother Let's get to know Dolores, Jana and Currone's mother, better The promise. In the Spanish soap opera, Dolores is the mother of Jana – whose real name is Mariana – and Marcos, the child we later came to know as Curro....