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Belve, Federico Fashion Style on Antonella Mosetti: "She couldn't pass the credit card, freeloader".  The reply arrives

Belve, Federico Fashion Style on Antonella Mosetti: “She couldn’t pass the credit card, freeloader”. The reply arrives

During the episode of Belve Federico Fashion Style mentioned Antonella Mosetti, indirectly calling her a freeloader. Here is the reply from the person concerned. Guest in the episode of Beasts yesterday evening, Tuesday 10 October, Federico Fashion Style he told the presenter Francesca Fagnanialso revealing some background information on his...
4 Serie Tv britanniche sopravvalutate che hanno goduto di un credito eccessivo
Tv Series

4 Overrated British TV Shows That Have Been Too Much Credit

There are British TV series like Peaky Blinders, Sherlock, Sex Education and many others (some available on Netflix) which, since the first season, have had an incredibly deserved success. Others, on the other hand, may have started with a bang and then lost their way. Often, the latter have created...