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Babylon 5: The Latest Updates on the Reboot of the TV Series

Written by: Alessandra Motisi - Publication date: 18 minutes agoThe Babylon 5 reboot cancellation rumors appear to have been, again, at least partially exaggerated. The CW recently revealed its 2023-2024 schedule, confirming that nearly all projects launched under the previous management have been sent back to their respective production studios....
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Babylon 5: Bad news coming for the reboot of the TV series?

Written by: Alessandra Motisi - Publication date: 17 hours agoThe long-awaited reboot of Babylon 5, signed by J. Michael Straczynskidoesn't look set to find a home on The CW.The network's recent programming for 2023-2024 focuses primarily on unscripted content or products acquired from elsewhere, making the reception of a new...
Trust me: you've never seen anything like Babylon
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Trust me: you’ve never seen anything like Babylon

Babylon it arrived in the room a few days ago and since then it has opened a debate that does not intend to cease. But what makes the critics agree is that Babylon it is not a film for everyone, especially for those who have always lived the cinematic experience...
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