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Andrea Lupo
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How to Become Bad – Jinx

In the stories we listen to, read and watch, there are characters who, depending on the skill of the author, enjoy a different level of complexity. With a somewhat simplistic and certainly Manichean analysis, we can distinguish them into "good" and "bad". If the narrative path of the "good guy"...
The Deuce: La Via del Porno
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Arcane 2: Netflix announces the Season Release Window

Written by: Alessandra Motisi - Publication date: 3 minutes agoThe second season of Arcane is officially arriving: in the last few hours, although a precise date has not been specified, Netflix has announced that the popular show will return with new episodes in November 2024.For those who haven't explored Arcane...
Arcane: Netflix reveals when season 2 will be released

Arcane: Netflix reveals when season 2 will be released

Arcane fans got an important update on season 2 of the series: Netflix announced the release month as 2024. Netflix, on the occasion of Geeked Week, revealed an update on season 2 of the animated series Arcane: new episodes will debut in the month of November 2024.For now the streaming...
Arcane 2: è stata confermato il debutto nel 2024
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Arcane 2: debut in 2024 confirmed

Set in the League of Legends universe, the animated series on the Netflix platform, Arcane, follows the characters of Violet and Jinx, two sisters who find themselves at odds due to the friction between the idealistic metropolis Piltover and its underground city, Zaun, plagued by crime. The series debuted on...
Arcane: arrivano i primi aggiornamenti sulla seconda stagione
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Arcane: the first updates on the second season arrive

Set in the narrative universe of the video game League of Legends the Riot Games, Arcane is an animated series from the Netflix streaming platform that took several years to reach the general public. The TV series is centered on two sisters, Vi e Jinx (whose entries are respectively of...