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After Gunpowder, Kit Harington will produce “a very British western”: «A gripping, dangerous and fun series»

Debora Bolis

Kit Harington he found international success with the role of Jon Snow in the series Game of Thrones (which is in ranking of the 10 best HBO TV series). A role that has consecrated him in the world of television and that perhaps he will resume if the spinoff in progress ever sees the light.

After the end of the HBO series Harington continued with his acting career. He is also a producer: he will in fact be involved in the production of a thriller TV series.

Kit Harington producer of a series that will have to do with drug trafficking

As reported Deadline, Kit Harington he will be involved in the production of a thriller TV series together with the co-producer Daniel West. The series should be titled Empire of Dirt (the title is still provisional) and is described as a “very British western”. The story will be about a successful person who discovers that his family is running a drug ring.

The project will consist of eight episodes and will follow the story of Jake, who has found success in the big city, who after fifteen long years reluctantly returns to the family farm in the Lake District for his cousin’s wedding. A tragic accident suddenly makes him the head of his family and Jake soon discovers that his father runs a drug deal worth millions of pounds.

Kit Harington he should play the protagonist but nothing has been made official yet.

Harington and West described the project by stating: “A very British western, set against the stunning visual backdrop of the Lake District. The Galloways are a family struggling to survive, managing their identity, trauma and the weight of their legacy, as ancient traditions clash with the mores of modern Britain.”

The CEO of New Pictures, the studio that will produce the series, Willow Grylls says that the series is “compelling, dangerous and fun, but always with an emotional and thrilling intent.”

Kit Harington’s career beyond the success of Game of Thrones

Dal 2011 and 2019 Kit Harington he played Jon Snow in the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, based on the novels by George R.R. Martin. In addition to the HBO series, Harington has had roles in films and TV series: the movies Pompeii (2014), Testament of Youth (2014), My Life with John F. Donovan (2018), Eternals (2021) and the TV series Criminal: United Kingdom, Modern Love ed Extrapolations.

In 2017 Harington he was also the producer, as well as the protagonist, of Gunpowdera BBC series based on the events surrounding the Gunpowder Plot in London on 5 November 1605, when a group of people organized a plot to blow up the House of Commons in London.

Recently the actor spoke about the profound changes in his life and the diagnosis of ADHD and the problems he had after the fifth season of Game of Thrones.