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Big Brother, Giuseppe Garibaldi bursts into tears: ”They said one thing…”

Big Brother, Giuseppe Garibaldi bursts into tears: ''They said one thing...''

Giuseppe Garibaldi has a moment of despair in the Big Brother house and allows himself to be consoled by Monia La Ferrara. What happened?

In the house of Big Brother it’s time for reflection Giuseppe Garibaldi. Great protagonist of this edition of Channel reality show 5, also thanks to the flirtation with Beatrice Luzzi, the competitor indulges in an outburst, bursting into tears in front of Monia La Ferrara. Here’s what happened.

Big Brother, Giuseppe in tears: what happened?

Since his entry into the house of Big Brother, Giuseppe Garibaldi stood out among the competitors of the new edition, becoming one of the key protagonists also thanks to the flirting with Beatrice Luzzi. Between one discussion and another, the two became close, only to then reject each other, giving rise to furious arguments that divided the audience at reality show on Canale 5. While fans discover that the planes for Greta and Mirko are piloted, Giuseppe he thinks back to his journey thanks to a sentence from Sara that makes him reflect and he appears very disconsolate.

They said something, Sara told me something and I was pleased… Then I think of Anita who is nominated on Saturday. Now is the time of resistance. I mentioned Sara face to face, because she tends to isolate herself, but then she came to talk to me and tell me to hold on because I’m the realest person in here.”, confessed the gieffino to Monia La Ferrara, Massimiliano Varrese’s ex-partner with whom he is forming a beautiful bond of friendship. While the model tried to console him, pointing out that her path was clear and that she got closer precisely by virtue of the fact that she finds him to be a sincere person, Giuseppe let a few tears escape.

There have been two difficult months, I have difficulty making myself understood in correct Italian because I always speak dialect. I’m afraid of not sending a positive message out, since we always had arguments and arguments. We always look for peace, I never feel like arguing, but unfortunately in here I had to face them and I felt weak, I was afraid of not knowing how to take a position or not sending a good message. Today, those who want to see things as they are, see them and understand“, commented Garibaldi moved and tried. Certainly the forced confinement is starting to take its toll, leading the competitors to feel nostalgia and make deeper reflections which often put them in crisis.

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