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Amici 23, Dustin in Alessandra Celentano’s sights: disciplinary action is triggered for the dancer! (VIDEO)

Amici 23, Dustin in Alessandra Celentano's sights: disciplinary action is triggered for the dancer!  (VIDEO)

During the last daytime, Dustin was reprimanded by his teacher, Alessandra Celentano, and received his first disciplinary action.

In the last daytime Of Amici 23 also one of the students of Alessandra Celentano has ended up in the sights of the dance teacher: it’s about Dustin, the Australian dancer of whom the stern coach is so proud. It’s a shame, however, that in this case the boy sparked the teacher’s disappointment and disciplinary action was taken.

Friends 23, Dustin receives disciplinary action!

Celentanto he called Dustin, apparently to ask about his progress with Italian. The Australian dancer, in fact, is taking Italian lessons from Isobel Kinnear and the two have often been protagonists of funny moments during the last afternoon appointments. However, Celentano he had a very specific reason for requesting the presence of Dustin: Apparently, the dancer he disappointed her greatly.

To explain the reasons behind this statement, Celentano showed the dancer a video in which, during a communication from the production, Dustin was using the PC and watching something on the monitor, laughing. When asked what was so funny, Dustin he commented that it was a video of an old choreography of his. However, in a second video the dancer is clearly busy watching clips and videos of the talent Canale5 sui social, violating one of the rules of Maria De Filippi’s school.

In fact, children are prohibited from using electronic devices except for study purposes. Dustindespite the evidence, he tried to defend himself, but the teacher, somewhat annoyed, told him that she was very disappointed:

I think you know how much I care about rules and discipline. At the beginning of the year I gave some very precise rules and the boys must stick to the rules. Even more so mine. I’ll take your phone off your phone for a week. If I discover other infractions, the punishment will be much more serious. I don’t look anyone in the face about these things.”

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