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Squid Game The Challenge: who won between Sam, Mai and Phil

Squid Game The Challenge: who won between Sam, Mai and Phil

Squid Game The Challenge, here’s who won the show on Netflix

Who won Squid Game The Challenge? Starting from 3.00 am on Thursday 7 December on Netflix, the finale of the competition in reality show format which transformed Squid Game, the most watched Netflix series in the history of the platform, in a race for 456 competitors.

In the tenth and final episode of the first season we finally find out who will win the prize pool of 4.56 million dollars between Sam (player number 016), May (player number 287), e Phill (player number 451). In its first week of presence in the catalog – that of Monday 20 November, so to speak, Squid Game: The Challenge debuted at the top of the British TV series chart with 20.1 million views.

The success of the competition has also led to an increase in interest in the original Korean series: many Netflix subscribers have watched – or rewatched – Squid Game in the wake of the reality show, making the Korean series return to sixth place with 1.6 million views.

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Yesterday Netflix formalized the renewal for the second season of the reality show, while the second chapter of Squid Game is expected for 2024 on the streaming platform. What is certain is that the streaming giant is trying – and, so far, succeeding – to build a real media empire around what has been their most unexpected and lasting success story.

With a simple but effective mechanism and the addition of new tests compared to the original series Squid Game: The Challenge managed to surf the wave of the phenomenon without being a derivative product but rather fueling its mystique. Although a second season has not yet been reconfirmed by Netflix, it seems almost certain that we will see other editions of this game show.

No more chatter: the winner of the first season was revealed during the final episode and it is Maythe only woman among the game’s finalists.

The competitor, about whom we discover some personal details during the episode, wins the prize money after an endless challenge Rock, Paper, Scissors against the second finalist remaining in the competition, Phil. Only in the last round, Mai’s scissors finally manage to cut Phill’s paper, and make her recover her key able to open the safe with the ATM card inside with well 4.56 million dollars loaded onto it. So it’s official: May she is the winner Of Squid Game: The Challenge.