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Men and Women, Ludovica Valli furious on social media: “It’s easy to have 30 children and 10 animals if others take care of them!”

Men and Women, Ludovica Valli furious on social media: "It's easy to have 30 children and 10 animals if others take care of them!"

The former face of Men and Women Ludovica Valli indulged in a long outburst on social media!

Ludovica Valli she was the protagonist of a difficult moment, when she confided to her followers that she had some health problems, urging them to give the right importance to prevention. However, recently, the former tronista of Men and women she ended up in the center of the storm. Let’s find out why!

Men and Women, Ludovica Valli in the storm: “It’s easy to have 30 children and 10 dogs if others take care of them”

The former face of the dating show of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi she has long been criticized due to some allegations about her: in many photos with her family, fans have noticed the presence of the former tronista’s dog. However, over the last few weeks the presence of the dog in the photos seemed to have significantly decreased, so fans asked if by any chance she had decided to abandon him.

Below the latest post of ValliIn fact, the negative comments were unleashed and so the former tronista decided to respond to these haters, venting on social media and posting the following words:

“If you have 1738 helpers it is much easier to manage your family and your surroundings”. I prefer not to have a thousand helpers but to raise my children and everything that surrounds me. I couldn’t take care of them alone, at least for now, I asked for help from my mother. What’s wrong? I prefer him to be pampered by my mother who already knows home and family rather than by a stranger. If you don’t know the reality of the facts but you only rely on what you see, oh so it’s “everything and everyone is perfect”. It’s easy to have 30 children and 10 animals if other people take care of them (I’m talking in general, not about people in particular, I’m talking about what I know and know here on social media). So just pretend like ” don’t see”, open your eyes. 90% of the people here on social media sell you and show you what doesn’t even exist in reality. Continue to live inside fairy tales. Happy viewing… I’ve never claimed to please everyone, I don’t care, but at least I’m 100% myself.. and that’s the “price” you pay when you’re yourself. Not pleasing everyone! I’m so happy like this. Those who have been following me for 11 years now know how and who I am. That’s enough for me to know.”

Ludovica Valli she continued by recalling that this fury against her is ridiculous, because many people ask for help with their animals and there is nothing to be ashamed of:

“Judge and continue to believe in fairy tales… now I understand why “fake” people get much further ahead because there are people like you who are unfortunately not very intelligent – who ignore or don’t want to see reality”

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