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Tonight on TV: Films to see on Monday 4 December, in prime time

Tonight on TV: Films to see on Monday 4 December, in prime time

Tonight on TV, Monday 4 December 2023: Find out what there is to see on TV today with our complete TV Guide with the Best Prime Time Films on Rai, Mediaset and all the main free-to-air TV channels.

What films are there to watch on TV tonight? Here’s ours Complete TV guide with the best films broadcast tonight, Monday 4 December 2023, in prime time on the main free-to-air TV channels, with the plots, casts and trailers.
If you’re not in the mood for a movie but prefer a plan for entertainment or in-depth study, one serie or one fiction for the your evening on TV, then we refer you to ours TV Guide: Programs and Series to watch on television on the evening of Monday 4 December 2023.

The Best Films not to be missed Tonight on TV: Monday 4 December 2023

  • Ariaferma (Dramatic) broadcast on Rai 5 at 9.15pma film by Leonardo Di Costanzo, with Toni Servillo, Silvio Orlando, Fabrizio Ferracane, Salvatore Striano, Roberto De Francesco, Pietro Giuliano, Nicola Sechi, Leonardo Capuano, Antonio Buil Pueyo, Giovanni Vastarella and Francesca Ventriglia.

    The plot of the movie: The film is set in a prison that is being decommissioned, where only a few officers and very few inmates remain. The small group of inmates waits to be transferred to a new prison, but day after day the wait leads them to give less and less importance to the rules, which no longer seem to have any value. The prisoners find themselves forming a new community, albeit a very fragile one…

  • Rocky Balboa (Dramatic) broadcast on Iris at 9pmun film di Sylvester Stallone, con Sylvester Stallone, Burt Young, Milo Ventimiglia, Geraldine Hughes, Antonio Tarver, James Francis Kelly III, Tony Burton, Henry G. Sanders, Tim Carr, Peter Defeo, Nancy de Zutter, Michael Ahl, Frank Hansen, Marvin Beck, Frank Bednarz, A.J. Benza, Ron Borges, Angela Boyd, James Binns, Michael Buffer, Rick Collum e Tony Devon.

    The plot of the movie: The film is set in Philadelphia and tells how Rocky Balboa’s life changed after his wife Adriana died of cancer. The former boxer has opened a restaurant, called “Adrian’s”, where he keeps customers company by telling him stories about boxing. So his days pass between stories of triumphs in the ring and nostalgic visits to the cemetery to visit his beloved. At a certain point, a simulation of a boxing match between Rocky and Mason “The Line” Dixon, world champion, is shown on TV: in this simulation The Italian Stallion is assumed to be the winner. Dixon, who is not much loved, since there is no entertainment in his fights (they often end in the first round), takes advantage of the simulation just broadcast and the fact that Rocky has declared that he would fight again. So the reigning champion’s agents contact the Italian-American boxer for an exhibition match…

  • Meet Sofia (Commedia) broadcast on Cine34 at 9.15pma film by Guido Chiesa, with Fabio De Luigi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Caterina Sbaraglia, Andrea Pisani, Shel Shapiro, Chiara Spoletini, Daniele de Martino and Bob Messini.

    The plot of the movie: The film stars Gabriele, Mara and little Sofia.
    He is a clumsy and obsessive father, she is a solid woman who doesn’t want to have children. The little girl, his daughter, will change their approach to life and force them to go beyond their limits…

All the other films broadcast in prime time this evening on TV

  • Joseph sold by his brothers (Historical) on air at 8.55pm on TV 2000a film by Irving Rapper, with Geoffrey Horne, Terence Hill, Belinda Lee, Robert Morley, Vira Silenti, Charles Borromel, Julian Brooks, Finlay Currie, Arturo Dominici, Marietto Angeletti, Loris Bazzocchi, Dante Di Paolo, Carlo Giustini, Marco Guglielmi , Ady Razvanbergovic, Marin Marija, Mimo Billi, Antonio Segurini, Pietro Tordi, Roberto Rietti, Helmut Schneider and Tonko Sarcevic.
  • The Time Machine (Adventure, Science Fiction) on air at 9 pm at 8 pma Simon Wells film starring Guy Pearce, Jeremy Irons, Samantha Mumba, Orlando Jones, Mark Addy, Sienna Guillory, Phyllida Law, Omero Mumba, Yancey Arias, Richard Cetrone and Josh Stamberg.
  • I am the law (Western) in onda at 9.10pm on Rai Movieun film di Michael Winner, con Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Lee J. Cobb, Robert Duvall, Sheree North, J.D. Cannon, John Beck, William Watson, Richard Jordan, John McGiver, Albert Salmi e Ralph Waite.
  • The secret of my success (Comedy) on air all 21.10 su TwentySevenun film di Herbert Ross, con Michael J. Fox, Richard Jordan, Margaret Whitton, Helen Slater, John Pankow, Christopher Murney, Carol Ann Susi, Fred Gwynne e Gerry Bamman.
  • Vendetta (Action, Thriller, Drama) on air at 9.20pm on Italia 1un film di Jared Cohn, con Clive Standen, Bruce Willis, Theo Rossi, Thomas Jane, Mike Tyson, Kurt Yue, Lauren Buglioli, Maddie Nichols, Cabot Basden, Randy Gonzalez, Jesse O’Neill, Derek Russo, Demetrius Stear, Patrick Lamont Jr. e Jackie Moore.

  • Wrong Turn – The Foundation (Horror, Thriller) in onda at 9.20pm on Rai 4un film di Mike P. Nelson, con Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Bill Sage, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Daisy Head, Matthew Modine, Vardaan Arora, Adrian Favela, Tim Dezarn e Chaney Morrow.

  • Autumn in New York (Romance, Drama) on air at 9.20pm on Cieloun film di Joan Chen, con Richard Gere, Winona Ryder, Anthony LaPaglia, Elaine Stritch, Vera Farmiga, Sherry Stringfield, Kali Rocha, J.K. Simmons, Mary Beth Hurt, Sam Trammell, Jillian Hennessy, Steven Randazzo, Rohan Quine, Jamie Harrold e Delores Mitchell.
  • Labyrinth of love (Comedy, Drama, Romance) on air at 9.20pm on Rai Premiumun film di Jason Bourque, con Jessy Schram, Marshall Williams, Melissa Elias, Nancy Sorel, Paul Magel, Kate Yacula, Daina Leitold e Stephanie Sy.

  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Action) on the air every 9:30 p.m. on Warner TVun film di Simon West, con Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Leslie Phillips, Mark Collie, Jon Voight, Chris Barrie, Richard Johnson, Iain Glen, Noah Taylor e Julian Rhind-Tutt.

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