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Grace Ambrose, time travel and the sensitivity of an actress

Grace Ambrose, time travel and the sensitivity of an actress

A certainty that is strengthened every time we find ourselves talking to an actress or actor under 30. It will be the strong awareness, it will be the crystalline talent, which resides in the choices and preparation; it may be that they – more than others – have understood the concept of Here and now it is essential to tackle a job that is as beautiful as it is complicated. And he reminds us, on the other end of the phone, Grace Ambrose. Born in 1996, a little Italian (indeed, a little Roman) and a little American (but the real America, that of Michigan, not New York or Los Angeles). A name that seems to come out of a pulp story by Joe R. Lansdale, and the right face to face any challenge. Time travel included. “I’m from Michigan”tell us, “I go back there once a year, part of my family is there. It’s like having a second life”.

Grace Ambrose 1

Grace Ambrose. Photo by Federico D’Onofrio

Special choice: a (good) actress who chooses Italy to embark on her professional career. “In truth it wasn’t a real choice, I did an internship in New York, with the intention of enrolling in the Academy”spiega Grace Ambrose: “But something made me return to Italy, perhaps because I was still little and I wanted to stay tied to what I knew. After all, Italy taught me a lot, and I don’t regret it. I don’t know if America will ever be part of of my working life, for now that’s fine”. In fact, that’s fine: because Grace was the beloved Stefania of the cult soap A ladies’ paradisewe saw it in AmenAndrea Baroni’s notable debut, and is in the cast of All we have left is the crime – The series by Massimiliano Bruno (on Sky and NOW). In short, cinema, series and also theatre. The stage itself, for Grace Ambrose, is a special, almost didactic place in artistic education: “I teach theater to children, and I try to make them find a place where they can learn to be in control of themselves, creating a place where everyone is rooting for you, and you are rooting for yourself”.

Grace Ambrose, our interview

Grace Ambrose 2

Grace Ambrose. Photo by Federico D’Onofrio

Grace, popularity came thanks to Ladies’ Paradise. But do you remember the first time they stopped you on the street?

(Ride ndr.) I don’t remember the first time well, but I remember that filming period very well. Heaven it was a nice project for me, and it’s a beloved project because it’s warm, it keeps you company. And warmth is always needed in life.

Better a warm set than a cold one…

We are all different, but warmth is essential, also because sensitivity and empathy are the engines of life. Everyone on set adapts to a set time, why be cold? You have to be happy to be there.

Can sensitivity be dangerous in a complex world like that of cinema?

I never want to abandon sensitivity, because it is what makes me me. Of course, sensitivity shouldn’t overwhelm you, it shouldn’t stop you from walking. I would like to achieve this, a balance.

Is it true that it’s the no’s that differentiate an actress’ career?

Everything came at the right time, I’m not a person who said a lot of no’s, because everything came for a reason, and I would do it all again. Then, I would like to choose the one that resonates with me the most, that can have the right treatment.

Speaking of care, a strong social movement is awakening from the art world, which fights for rights and justice.

I hope so, because being cynical leads us to be lazy. When everyone works together, something is achieved. Like the Hollywood strike… if there’s an important example, then maybe it’s possible to change things. It would be nice to see a united country protesting for what it wants. Times change, and therefore needs change. We must be able to protect the rights of our category, aware of who we are.

Amen, All we have left is crime and time as a gift

In Amen, for example, your character breaks the mold.

You begin to break the mold when you bring out sensitivity. In Amen we talk about a family with terrible and religious ties, we talk about limits and control. In this specific case I bring out my voice and point of view. And it would be nice if everyone had the courage to express their ideas. Speaking should not be understood as something outside the box. It’s absurd to be afraid to talk about some concepts.

Amen Grace Ambroce 2

Grace Ambrose in Amen

The good side of social media, as we have seen recently. Manifest and share your sacrosanct ideas.

Absolutely, social media has helped, even if it has made us lazy. When I did school work I didn’t feel the political fire, but I had classmates who supported the cause, they weren’t there to pass the time. We have become lazier, and now that we are bombarded by reality we find ourselves in the middle: helpless but eager to change things. It’s something that confuses us even in creating solid opinions, but we are open to listening, and this is fundamental.

You are among the protagonists of Nothing remains but crime – The series. An important role, and the utopia of time travel. Why are we so nostalgic?

We are nostalgic because the present disturbs us. We are pampered by things in the past, compared to what happens today. Even though there are good projects that talk about current events, such as I Captain by Garrone. All we have left is the crime – The series talks about the past but it also talks about today. We are in 1970, a year of progressive political demands, where I play an enterprising and independent young mother, who wants to participate in change, despite everything. She wants to affirm her ideals and her identity.

All we have left is the crime series

Grace Ambrose in All We Left But Crime – The Series

Speaking of time, how do you manage the downtime between one take and another, or between one set and another?

I’m learning to manage them, I’ve been lucky enough not to have many. However… downtime allows you to get to know yourself, because that’s where you choose how to fill your life. It is you, with yourself, who must know how to fill your days with what comes back to you the most, and therefore it is a nice gift, and should not be taken as a limit.

Many, even young people, immediately feel like they have arrived. Yet, studying is important. Even going to the cinema, to find inspiration.

For me it is important to go to the cinema, and yes, it is essential to study. Because we talk about human beings. This is a job that enriches you, and it is important to return to simplicity. We need to look at the world with more simplicity and less judgment.

Ok, a little Italian and a little American, but Rome is part of your life. Is there a film that, for you, truly represents Rome?

Difficult question, but right now I say Bellissima with Anna Magnani, who I saw again this summer in Piazza San Cosimato. After the film I returned home on foot, because the experience in the square, with that film, made me appreciate the Roman world.