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Terra Amara previews December 2, Zuleyha shoots to save Adnan: drama at the Yaman estate

Terra Amara previews December 2, Zuleyha shoots to save Adnan: drama at the Yaman estate

Previews of Terra Amara on Saturday 2 December: the episode airs at around 2.30pm on Canale 5.

Terra Amara previews December 2, Zuleyha shoots to save Adnan: drama at the Yaman estate

Here are the previews of plot Of Bitter Earth which will be back on air Saturday 2 Decemberaround 2.30pm on Channel 5, with a new episode. The story of Zuleyha, the main character of this beloved series which debuted as ‘Bir Zamanlar Çukurova – Once Upon a Time in Çukurova’ on ATV from 2018 to 2022, continues to capture audiences’ attention. All previous episodes are available in streaming are Mediaset Infinity.

Before we reveal tomorrow’s episode, here’s one short summary of the events of the episode of Friday 1st December.

Bitter Earth: summary of the December 1st episode

Came to know about deposition Of thanked who framed Demir, Fikret decide to return to Cukurova and confess the truth for exonerate Demirwhile of men of Sadie they hunt him down.

Muggan cries for Fikret e Faculty, as a father, consoles her. Fekeli finds out that Lutfiye is not there and with the help of Mujgan to understand who went to look for Fikret, like this part he too immediately for Mersin.

Previews for December 2: Fikret has disappeared

Faculty e Go ahead I’m looking for Fikret, but the man seems to have vanished. In the meantime Zuleyha recovered from the blow received by Fikret when he escaped, he tells Sadi that he wants to go home, although the detective disagrees.

In the next episode: Break-in at the Yaman villa, Adnan is in danger

To villa wealthduring the night, one gang of criminals armed enters the villa to burgle it. love tries to stop one of the bandits he had caught Adnan hostage shooting him in the leg.

In the new episode: Zuleyha takes the gun and shoots to save Sevda

While the banned takes aim for kill Love, Zuleyha kills him with one shot pistol. The women decide to keep the secret about what happened e they bury the corpse. Meanwhile, at the police station Faculty testify in favor of Iron that comes released.

On Saturday’s episode: A mysterious man shows up in Gaffur

At the estate of the wealth we try to repair the danni made by the men who have attacked the villa the day before. Among many people who come to help, a mysterious man who asks for work Gaffer.

In the double appointment on Saturday: The reconciliation between Fikret and Fekel

Fikretinitially suspected of having organized the blow comes released due to lack of evidence. They are waiting for him Lufie e Faculty. Uncle and nephew, after a period troubledthey finally manage to clarify and to make peace.

In the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity Lutfiye arrives at the hotel where Fikret was.