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Yellowstone 6, Cory Asbury was supposed to play the “new” brother Dutton

Yellowstone 6, Cory Asbury was supposed to play the "new" brother Dutton

Yellowstone 6, Cory Asbury was supposed to play the “new” brother Dutton

Before deletion of Yellowstone, Cory Asbury could have been part of season 6. The Christian rock singer said a Taste of Country who had been cast in the sixth season as the long-lost brother of Kayce Dutton. A surprise that fans of show they will never see, given the cancellation of the TV series.

“I was excited about the idea and so disappointed when (Yellowstone) was canceled,” he said. “So disappointed.” The singer and songwriter’s family was on board with this opportunity, even if it meant moving to Big Sky Country for a whole year. “Anna (his wife) gave me consent,” he revealed on the Dutton Rules podcast, “and our kids were like, ‘Okay, great, we’re going to live in Montana.’”

Asbury had the opportunity to meet Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) and the creator Taylor Sheridan, but the meeting never took place. Sheridan and the Paramount have never shared plans or plot developments on Season 5 Part B or Season 6. Obviously, Asbury he was supposed to keep the news a secret, but now things have changed and he has the opportunity to express himself freely.


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Furthermore, the winner of the GMA Dove-Award he wants people to know that he is a fan of the show. Filming would require him to clear his concert calendar for much of the year, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make. The same Ryan Bingham he did something similar for his role as Walker in Yellowstone .

Taylor Sheridan decided to close the series with season five underway. The final episodes of Yellowstone season 5B they will arrive on air at the end of 2024 on Paramount Network in the United States. However, we know that two TV series are on the way spin-off which will expand the franchise by title 1944 e 2024. Season 5 of Yellowstone it will also be the last for the epic western with protagonist Kevin Costner.

Initially part 2 of Yellowstone 5 should have debuted in November 2023, with the new spin-off set in the present day scheduled for December. Due to the strikes, the strategy of Paramount could not materialize within the expected time frame.