Saturday, February 24, 2024

Big Brother, Beatrice Luzzi against Garibaldi and Anita: “You are sleazy” and Oliveri bursts into tears

Big Brother, Beatrice Luzzi against Garibaldi and Anita: "You are sleazy" and Oliveri bursts into tears

Beatrice Luzzi was highly irritated by a phrase from Giuseppe Garibaldi and railed against him and Anita Oliveri who then burst into tears in the sauna.

New sparks in Casa of the Big Brother. Yesterday evening, Beatrice Luzzi she was particularly annoyed Giuseppe Garibaldi also taking it out on Anita Oliveri.

Big Brother, Beatrie Luzzi to Giuseppe Garibaldi: “You’re as sleazy as your friend Anita”

Shortly after having dinner, Garibaldi pointed out to Beatrice for not having washed the dishes and the Calabrian’s statement sent her into a rage Luzzi who claimed to have washed but not only found time to rinse the trays because she was busy with another activity.

“You’re sleazy” said the actress to Garibaldi. Beatrice he also got in the way Anita:“You’re as sleazy as your friend”. Giuseppe tried to tone down the tone but failed: “Smile to life!” he replied. Beatriceto himself, he said,“He says it, sadness per person.”

Anita he didn’t take part in the discussion but he heard everything. The young Roman girl locked herself in the sauna with Rosy and she vented her tears: “This one won’t let go of me” said the tenant while Rosy he encouraged her not to fall for the provocations of Beatrice. Anita he then vented his discomfort with a liberating cry e Rosy he invited her not to throw herself down.

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