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Berlin: Pedro Alonso sings ‘Felicità’ by Al Bano at the premiere in Madrid

Berlin: Pedro Alonso sings 'Felicità' by Al Bano at the premiere in Madrid

After ‘Ti Amo’ by Umberto Tozzi sung in Part 4 of La casa di carta and the iconic ‘Bella ciao’, the protagonist of the spin-off tries his hand at another classic of Italian song: will it become the next hit?

It sure seems like it Happinessthe song brought to success by Al Bano and Romina Power in Sanremo 1982, may be the flagship song of the soundtrack of Berlinthe spin-off series of The paper house coming up Netflix next December 29th. Two days ago in Madrid the stars of the series walked the red carpet during a glittering preview and took part in an exclusive party during which Pedro Alonso improvised as a singer and performed to the tune of Happiness (watch the video below from minute 3:50).

Berlin: Will ‘Happiness’ be the next hit?

In the video the interpreter of the dandy thief protagonist of the new series sings Happiness (in the Spanish version) together with the co-star Tristan Ulloa that in Berlin plays Damián, the “talking cricket” and old friend of Berlin. With him he is part of the gang that will try to pull off another memorable robbery involving jewels from the most important auction house in Paris, worth 44 million. He therefore continues the happy tradition of Italian pop and popular songs in the de franchise The paper houseand it is very likely that too Happiness be part of the soundtrack of the spin-off making some iconic scenes.

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The previous homages to Italian music

It is not the first time that the series created by Álex Pina pays homage to Italian music. It all started with Hello beautifulthe song of the Italian partisans during the Second World War borrowed from the first season of The paper house by the Professor and his men as a symbol of resistance and has become, more generally, a symbol of the series itself. But, later, we also listened I love you by Umberto Tozzi sung by Pedro Alonso during his character’s wedding in a scene of Part 4. To this performance was also added that of Permanent center of gravity by Franco Battiato in the second episode of Part 4, danced and sung by the protagonists again during Andrés and Tatiana’s wedding. After the release of those episodes, Pedro Alonso confessed that he had never sung about him in his life and that he was convinced to shoot that scene only under strong pressure from the screenwriters. But now he seems really comfortable with him and seems to have taken a liking to it. We can’t wait to find out more and await the new series with curiosity.