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Smallville – The creators: «Chloe should have changed her identity»

Smallville - The creators: «Chloe should have changed her identity»

Smallville, with its strengths and weaknesses, represented a very important chapter in the history of its genre. The series that brought the timeless Superman in the second millennium it is not only the longest-running superhero series of all timewith his ten seasons — currently available on Amazon Prime Video — but it also represented an unprecedented change of perspective in the way of telling the story of the well-known character of DC Comics. As fans well know, in fact, Smålville he didn’t tell us the story of the invincible Supermanbut that of formation, as a hero but above all as a man, of the teenager Clark Kentengaged in his fight against the bad guys but also against daily challenges.

Over the seasons, around the young Clark Kent (Tom Welling), have taken turns created characters ex newfirst of all her brilliant best friend and sidekick, Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), and characters cartoon originals by Superman and the entire DC Universefrom his bitter rival Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) to his first love Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). Yet, managing to introduce well-known faces from the DC It hasn’t always been easy for the show’s creators.

Initially the creators of Smallville they weren’t allowed to bring Lois Lane into the show (and they never got around to bringing Bruce Wayne in)

Recently, i creators of Smallville Alfred Gough e Miles Millar were guests of TalkVilleil rewatch podcast of the series created by Tom Welling e Michael Rosenbaum. Right in the course of podcastthe two authors reported that not always there Warner Bros. gave them permission to include the characters of the DC Comics. In particular, before obtaining the consent sanctioned by joining the cast of Erica Durance in the fourth seasoninitially The studios they didn’t want to give them permission to bring Lois Lane in Smallville. The two authors had therefore opted for one alternative solutiondeciding who Lois’ character would be the fruit of an evolution of Chloe Sullivan.

We originally established that Chloe would be the proto-Lois who would later have to change her identity to become the Lois Lane we all know“Millar said. “The problem was that we wanted to introduce the character of Lois Lane but we knew they would never give us the consent. Then when Erica Durance she arrived in the fourth season, on the upper floors they gave us consent graduallyfirst for three episodes, then for half a season until WBTV boss Peter Roth didn’t give us the character for the entire show. Thus Erica Durance’s Lois became an integral part of ‘Smallville‘” Gough later explained.

If the attempt to insert Lois Lane in Smallville was successful, the same cannot be said for the introduction of another character from the DC universe that Gough and Millar would have wanted on the show. The two authors, in fact, remembered that he had unsuccessfully attempted to include the character of Bruce Wayne in the seriesthat is to say Batman. In particular, over the years many fans had noticed how the character of Adam Knightappeared in third season of the series and starring Ian Somerhalderhad several similarities with the dark Knightprecisely Dark Knight.  “Bruce Wayne was a character we tried to get our hands on but never got around to“, explained Gough, denying fan theories. “Furthermore at a certain point the thing became totally out of the question since Christopher Nolan was making his 2005 ‘Batman Begins’“, said the screenwriter.

In short, if Clark finally had his Lois, we had to wait until 2016 because Superman e Batman they met on screen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and, let’s face it, with not exactly happy results!

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