Saturday, February 24, 2024

Morgan case, Fedez on Striscia la Notizia: “Morgan kicked out because he did something bad”

Morgan case, Fedez on Striscia la Notizia: "Morgan kicked out because he did something bad"

We return to talking about the Morgan case, with Striscia la Notizia reaching Fedez and asking him for further intervention. Here’s what the rapper said!

Continue to make the discussion Morgan case: after the expulsion of Marco Castoldi and X Factor due to some uncommentable attitudes against the presenter Francesca Michielin and colleagues on the jury Fedez e Amber Angiolinithe satirical news program also took an interest in the issue and reached out to both Morgan is Fedez to give them the golden tapir.

Morgan case, Fedez still blurts out against him on the microphones of Striscia la Notizia

Strip the News reached out to the rapper again for further clarification on Morgan case and to give him the golden ‘spider’ tapir, a special tapir because, according to Valerio Staffelli, the story is becoming more and more intriguing. The envoy of Strip attempted to further investigate the issue of the dismissal of Morgan and X Factor and insisted why Fedez told his truth and teased him:

“Morgan would like them to show the exchange of information with Amber”

Ma Fedez he specified that the issue with Ambra Angiolini was never brought up by him and that he has no intention of speaking any more about what happened:

“I have nothing more to say, I said what I had to say. There are people who fired him and said things and it’s not me. Morgan mentioned some names… just go there. If he he talked about Ambra, go to her, do it yourself, guys. Was he kicked out because he argued with Ambra? No, I didn’t say that. Morgan was kicked out because he did something bad, probably if I had done it they would have kicked me out. I don’t know, I didn’t fire him. I leave you with this mystery. Why don’t they release the footage? I’m not Sky. If they kicked him out there must be a reason, go to Sky…not to me”

@striscialanotizia “Maybe you should go to someone else”, @fedez’s advice to @Valerio Staffelli who brought him a new Tapir for the case of Morgan’s dismissal from @X Factor Italia #striscialanotizia #xf2023 #xfactor #fedez #morgan ♬ original sound – scialanotizia