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Circeo, the second season is not on the horizon. It’s a miniseries

Circeo, the second season is not on the horizon.  It's a miniseries

Circeo 2 will not be there

Circeo 2 won’t be there. The fiction is presented as one miniseries. After all, it is inspired by “Circeo massacre” and, with the last episode comes to the conclusion of the crime case that shocked our country in 1975. The first season therefore retraces from the beginning the sad story that sees the protagonists Rosaria Lopez and Donatella Colasanti. The girls are lured, under the pretext of a party, to a villa. There they are beaten and raped. For Rosaria that episode also leads to death. Donatella, however, survives and wages a legal war.

We are not expecting a season 2 of Circeobut if there is a different communication from the Network, perhaps in light of the ratings, we will be sure to update you.

How Circeo ends

Greta Scarano (Teresa Capogrossi) in a scene from
Greta Scarano (Teresa Capogrossi) in a scene from “Circeo”. Credits: Rai

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Circeo ends with the sixth episode. The final episode it is the third (episodes 5 and 6). It will be broadcast on Tuesday 28 November 2023 on Rai 1 for the first time.

In the fifth episode The Circeo defendants they are found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. There Corte of Assisi issues this sentence. This is a turning point in the history of the battle for women’s rights. Teresaincreasingly involved in the issue, makes the decision to continue fighting alongside Tina Lagostena Bassi and to forget the short amount of time of proximity with Xavier. DonatellaMeanwhile, he tries to start over again. To start over he looks for a job and begins to take an interest in theatre. At the same time, he tries to create new emotional bonds. However, the ghosts of her past do not abandon her. She is and remains for everyone “the girl from Circeo”. Teresa is increasingly involved in the fight for women’s rights. She is not alone, but supported and supported by Tina Lagostena Bassi. Teresa he becomes convinced that the general public should see a real rape trial on video. As a result, the most famous documentary aired about a case of sexual violence was born. In the meantime, the news of the appeal process for the Circeo crime could shuffle the cards of the life sentence handed down in the first instance.

In the sixth and final episode Five years have passed since the first degree sentence. The Circeo crime case is a thing of the past for public opinion. The appeal process thus begins without any particular media hype. The lawyers Tarsitano and Lagostena Bassi – however – supported by Teresa, support and defend their client with even more conviction. They hope to see the first degree conviction confirmed. Mashed potato Xaviernow a photojournalist, lends his moral support to Donatella. In this circumstance he tries to get closer to Teresa. The appeal sentence constitutes the chance for all of them to start a new life.

Circeo cast, actors and characters

In the cast of Circeo There are:

  • Greta Scarano (Teresa Capogrossi)
  • Ambrosia Caldarelli (Donatella Colasanti)
  • Angelo Spagnoletti (Saverio Vitale)
  • Francesca Antonelli (Maria Colasanti)
  • Benedetta Cimatti (Gioia)
  • Guglielmo Poggi (Angelo Izzo)
  • Claudio Castrogiovanni (Rocco Mangia)
  • Mario Pirrello (Revel)
  • Silvia Salvatori (Maria Causarano)
  • Massimo Cimaglia (Puddings)
  • Philip Luna (Czeppies)
  • Duccio Camerini (Vito Gianpietro)
  • Giacomo Colavito (Roberto Colasanti)
  • Stefania Orsola Garello (Ada Capogrossi)
  • Leonardo Mazzarotto (Andrea Ghira)
  • Pia Lanciotti (Tina Lagostena Bassi)
  • Enrico Ianniello (Fausto Tarsitano)

Circeo streaming, where to see it

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Circeo in streaming it is available on RaiPlay in conjunction with the broadcast on Rai 1 and subsequently on demand.