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Big Brother, the Ghost of the House is back: Grecia Colmerales bursts into tears and scares everyone

Big Brother, the Ghost of the House is back: Grecia Colmerales bursts into tears and scares everyone

Is there an otherworldly entity in the Big Brother house? After the sightings of recent years, Grecia Colmerales also speaks of a ghost and alarms everyone. Here’s what happened.

Tremble, tremble, the ghost of the house of Big Brother is back! New otherworldly sighting by Greece Colmeraleyes that, after the episode of Gf on Canale 5, suddenly fled from the kitchen, making everyone worried. She, the actress, said that she had been embraced by an entity and Anita Olivieri, witnessing the scene, believed her and was decidedly disturbed by what had happened.

Big Brother, Greece Colmerales sees a ghost!

It’s not the first time in the house of Big Brother we talk about ghosts, otherworldly entities and spirits that wander around the already spied on house of Italy interfering with the path of the gieffini. She was the first to realize that someone was silently observing Alessia Macari, who spoke of the figure of a mysterious woman, hypothesizing that she was an actress who died in Cinecittà. Then it was the turn of Guenda Goria, who frightened all the contestants by admitting that he had seen a veiled black woman wandering among them, observing them closely. In the end, Miriana Trevisan who admitted to having spoken to an entity trying to show it the light. In short, does the ghost of Gf exist or not?

What is certain is that a few hours ago, immediately after the live broadcast which confirmed the elimination of Angelica Baraldi who had infuriated the web quite a bit, Greece Colmerales He had a unsolicited contact with the otherworldly spirit. According to what was told by Anita Olivieri, who witnessed the scene, Grecia suddenly jumped on the spot and quickly left the table visibly agitated, prompting her to follow her for explanations.

The actress confided in herself, hoping to be believed and, as Biccy reports, she admitted very agitatedly: “No guys, everything’s fine. I’m crying with happiness, I’m crying because I’m happy. No, don’t worry, nothing serious, I’m crying with happiness. I felt something hug me from behind. A spirit? I don’t know, but that’s what I heard”. In short, the mysterious woman who observes the gieffini, during this season, would have gone further and after séances and sightings, would have sought contact with one of them, that is Greece who reacted enthusiastically to the idea of ​​being hugged by a ghost.

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