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Big Brother, Mirko Brunetti bursts out during the night against Greta Rossetti: “I was silent, but that’s enough! Now I’ll say everything”

Big Brother, Mirko Brunetti bursts out during the night against Greta Rossetti: "I was silent, but that's enough! Now I'll say everything"

Mirko Brunetti reveals some previously unpublished background information on his story with Greta Rossetti after the episode of Gf.

Mirko Brunetti burst out furious after the episode of Big Brother. Annoyed and disappointed by the behavior taken by Greta Rossettiwho decided to put an end to their relationship, the contestant let himself go to a hard outburst in which he revealed some unpublished backstory about his relationship with the former temptress.

Mirko Brunetti against Greta Rossetti

Yesterday’s episode of Big Brother it destabilized Mirko Brunetti. After being left livethe competitor vented with Vittorio Menozzi of his resentment towards Greta Rossetti’s attitude towards him. Not only. The young man also revealed some unpublished background on his quarrel with the former temptress for the deleted messages afterwards the meeting with Perla Vatiero at Milan Fashion Week:

I was silent, I already said something tonight, but now I’ll say everything. This one criticizes me because I have fun in here. At the beginning of the story she told me ‘I have a good relationship with my ex and I sleep alone in the room together’. I accepted it. But I told her ‘you know you’re putting me in trouble because this thing came out on social media’. They told me it was all fake, that I was either crazy, or I agreed. I actually accepted everything out of love. I asked her why she didn’t avoid being alone with her ex and she replied that she had to be herself 100% and that I had to get to know her otherwise I could leave her.

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Now he comes here for the third time and talks to me backwards? He gets angry because I have fun with Anita and Rosy and tells me that I make fun of everyone. She left me because of what they say on the outside. They told me a thousand things about her that I better keep quiet. Now I’ll say it all. She told me ‘I have to clean myself up’. Regarding the fashion week and the messages with Perla she told me ‘the others say it’s a theater and now I have to publicly say that I’m not in the middle of this thing and I’m getting out of it’. So you put me in trouble and throw shit at me?

Mirko he finally concluded his outburst by stating:

A person who loves you doesn’t put you in difficulty. She did this outside and I kept quiet. I’m happy with what has come out now. She left me live on national television and days before he did it on social media without talking about it with me who was directly involved.

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