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Men and Women, former lady of the throne over on Cristina Tenuta: “The classic low-level gossip”

Men and Women, former lady of the throne over on Cristina Tenuta: "The classic low-level gossip"

Elena Di Brino, former lady of the throne over, spoke about her acquaintance with Maurizio Laudicino and Cristina Tenuta, among the protagonists of the senior parterre of Men and Women.

Elena Di Brinoex lady of the throne overtalked about his association with Maurizio Laudicino e Of Cristina Tenutaamong the protagonists of the senior parterre of Men and women.

Men and Women, Elena Di Brino: “There are rules in the program. Cristina? You can’t help those who don’t want to be helped”

To the microphones of Tg24, Elena first of all he told how things are going on with the former knight (and former acquaintance of Gemma Galgani, Mauriziowith which she left the studio dragging with her quite a few controversies.

“Unfortunately the distance doesn’t allow it, let’s say we manage to organize ourselves on weekends. This weekend we’ll see each other in Rome, last weekend we skipped because he also has children, so he has family commitments. Mine are big but his aren’t and he’s in It’s also right for a father to be with his children. I find it right and I like that he does it. The other time I went to La Spezia, Livorno, in short we did nice things, it was a real celebration, I also saw everything the affection by which he is surrounded. Maurizio is a good person, now beyond what he is… The evolution that will or will not happen, in short, he is still a nice person”

“I can’t think about living together right now – continued the former lady – I mean, I’ve come out of 4 years of solitude, in which, among other things, I also learned to understand how to be alone and feel good At first you think you feel terrible, then little by little you fall in love, don’t you? With your autonomy. I’ve been through hell before these 4 years, so before I make decisions… And this too hasn’t been understood, that is, we we wanted to take our time slowly lowering each other’s defenses, which stemmed from previous experiences, this was not understood, so now it is more difficult, because it was one thing to meet in Rome, you had this appointment also on television… Also because it seems to me that the program also exists for that… In short, the dynamics are quite… If you don’t align yourself, this happens.”

Then speaking about Cristina Tenuta, Elena he has declared:

“There is a rule there, women cannot talk to each other and I must say this lack of discussion and sharing weighed heavily on me, I said ‘Okay girls but let’s talk anyway, the important thing is that we don’t talk about program, let’s talk to each other’. She said to me ‘Look if there are rules, they must be respected, there must be a reason.’ I also jokingly told her ‘Yes, rules are also made to be broken’. This thing, the classic gossip of low level, he said it there ‘Do you remember that you didn’t want to respect the rules, do you remember?’, I said ‘Of course I still don’t want to respect them because for me this is the wrong rule’, because sharing and comparing team and makes people stronger to be able to react so it’s all instrumental in avoiding this. Then she said to me ‘So you want to come here you don’t want to work in a bank anymore’, I also told her ‘You don’t last a week in the job I do, you’re Shut up, go. In the end, these types of people don’t deserve the time for a chat and not because I hate them, but because precisely the people who are there, those who remain at those levels of evolution have a long way to go but the road it’s his, he’ll do it on his behalf, you can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped.”

The former lady finally declared whether she would ever repeat the experience she had Men and women:

No, not trying it all over again, but I don’t regret doing it because I enjoyed challenging myself. I have always followed psychological paths, to try to overcome certain things but I have always lacked action, so I saw myself taking action in relation to moments of stress… I measured myself, I really did a social experiment. I saw how I react when faced with certain things, I also saw that, despite being attacked by everyone, I still remained firm on some decisions and this pleased me, I rediscovered myself as stronger than I thought.”

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