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Big Brother, Fiordaliso faces Vittorio Menozzi: “Don’t fall in love with her” (VIDEO)

Big Brother, Fiordaliso faces Vittorio Menozzi: "Don't fall in love with her" (VIDEO)

Fiordaliso investigates the young Gf competitor’s interest in Beatrice Luzzi.

In the House of Big Brother a was bornspecial friendship between Vittorio Menozzi and Beatrice Luzzi. Il feeling between the two did not go unnoticed by Fiordaliso who, a few hours after the new episode, decided to address the issue directly with the young competitor.

Vittorio Menozzi has a crush on Beatrice Luzzi, Fiordaliso speaks

Everything is ready for the new episode of Big Brotherwhich will go broadcast tonight on Canale 5. While waiting, Fiordaliso has decided to confront Vittorio Menozzi and try to investigate his interest in Beatrice Luzzi. Without too many turns of phrase, the well-known singer urged the young competitor not to make missteps:

You like big women, I can see it. You’re having a crush on Bea. Look at me, I think so. But don’t do it. However, she understands you, she goes further, I am more “German” than her. She is freer, she sees you as a son that’s for sure. But she is freer than me. You like Bea, but don’t fall in love with her, don’t have a crush. But I’m not saying this because of age, eh.

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The response was immediate Vittoriowhich he tried to clarify his position towards Beatrice:

Yes, I like older women. But no, for Bea? No. I really like the idea of ​​a person who made me bring out many things. I approached her because she is a person who understood me, to really understand me you would have to know me outside. But she understands, I have a very good head on my shoulders though (she laughs). I like strong characters, I like them. Yes, but beyond a certain limit it cannot. There wouldn’t even be anything wrong with it in my opinion.

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