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Bitter Earth, Umit in a coma: what happens when he awakens

Bitter Earth, Umit in a coma: what happens when he awakens

Bitter Earth, Umit in a coma: what happens when he awakens

Bitter Earth, Umit in a coma: what happens when he wakes up. In the episodes of Once Upon a Time in Çukurova broadcast this week on Canale 5. Ümit will continue to ruin Demir Yaman’s life even though the latter no longer wants to have anything to do with her. When Fikret told her that she was leaving with Müjgan and Kerem Ali, Ümit no longer saw us and lashed out vehemently against her former accomplice. While doing so, the woman fell down the stairs of her home and hit her head on the floor.

Instead of helping Ümit when he realizes that he has lost consciousness, Fikret panics and runs away. It is only thanks to the intervention of Füsun and Sermin that Ümit is taken to hospital, where she ends up in a coma. Her condition immediately appears serious and there are no certainties: the hospital director may not wake up.


Sevda also arrives at his bedside, lovingly looking after her newfound daughter. Sevda, having learned that her daughter is in danger of dying, rushed to the hospital, where she was seen by Füsun and Sermin. The two women, suspicious, begin to have doubts about the real nature of the relationship between Sevda and Umit. Fortunately, Ümit will emerge from the coma without suffering any brain damage.


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Hande Soral (Ümit Kahraman/Ayla Özden) in the following section
Hande Soral (Ümit Kahraman/Ayla Özden) in the scene of “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset.

When he wakes up, his first thought is Demir again. In fact, Ümit decides to report him, claiming that it was he who made her fall down the stairs when she attacked her. This fanciful reconstruction of events could not be further from reality. Ümit did it all alone: ​​the woman fell down the stairs while she was attacking Fikret to prevent him from leaving. The authorities take the complaint that Ümit makes very seriously, and are preparing to put the handcuffs on.

Demir is about to confess to Züleyha the affair he had with Ümit but the gendarmes burst in and arrest him for her attempted murder. Demir is arrested on charges of attempting to kill Umit who arrived at the hospital in critical condition. Bahtiyar, meanwhile, informs Fekeli of Umit’s conditions and the accusations made against Demir. Fekeli goes to hospital but, upon returning home, discovers that Müjgan has left with Fikret, taking Kerem Ali with her.