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Dancing with the Stars, is Wanda Nara’s performance at risk? The latest indiscretion!

Dancing with the Stars, is Wanda Nara's performance at risk?  The latest indiscretion!

According to some rumors, Wanda Nara may not perform this evening on Dancing with the Stars!

Come back this evening, come on Rai1, Dancing with the Starsthe star dancing show hosted by Milly Carlucci. Among the most loved contestants of this edition by the public is the Argentine showgirl and manager Wanda Narawhich, according to latest rumorscould be don’t perform.

Dancing with the Stars, Wanda Nara will not perform? Here’s what Milly Carlucci said!

According to what was reported in Life Live with Alberto Matano, Milly Carlucci she connected and announced that this evening, Saturday 25 November, Wanda Nara e Pasquale La Roccahis teacher, they will not perform! A Fivethe host of the dancing show revealed:

“Hello everyone! I have to make an announcement. Unfortunately, our Pasquale La Rocca has a fever and won’t be able to be with us. So, right now he’s at home and he’s sick, I know this because we spoke before”

According to these words, Wanda Nara’s dance partner he is unable to dance. However, it seems there may be a possibility that the Argentine showgirl could perform with another dancer anyway, although Nara did not have the opportunity to rehearse, due to the absence of the teacher:

“Now we are waiting for Wanda Nara – he declared again Carlucci – to understand how we can resolve this situation, especially given that today they couldn’t train because La Rocca was in bed. Now with her we will see how we can resolve the situation”

In the meantime, also thanks to previews of this evening on Dancing with the Starswe will have as a dancer for a night Cristina D’Avenafollowed by the actor from Mare Fuori and We are legend James George. And, obviously, there will be no shortage of updates on Maestro La Rocca’s condition, as he promised Milly Carlucci.

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