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The 5 worst miniseries you can find on Netflix

Le 5 peggiori miniserie che puoi trovare su Netflix

Miniseries are definitely becoming popular on Netflix and many other streaming platforms, both for their short duration and ability to hold the public’s attention higher, and for the subjects that are often chosen to be represented. We have already talked to you about the best miniseries in the history of TV series, but with products like this you don’t always play it safe. Miniseries like Draculain fact, they started from an apparently perfect subject and an original project and then ended up ruining everything make viewers regret clicking the “play” button.

Today we’ll talk to you about 5 worst miniseries which if you have time to waste you can watch on Netflix to gnash your teeth with us on the direction, writing and acting choices that characterized these products.

1) Dracula


There have been many film adaptations of Bram Stoker’s famous novel but, it must be said, the miniseries created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat failed to fully meet audience expectations. Although it is not the first TV series starring the vampire originally from Transylvania, it is nevertheless the most original and reworks the traditional story of Dracula in an innovative way. Consisting of just 3 episodes, the series broadcast on BBC and Netflix seemed to start with a bang, immersing the viewer in the dark and dark world created by Stoker. For lovers of the literary classic, however, it is a real punch in the stomach.

In the end the horror component that was supposed to characterize this TV series has been crumbling over the course of the episodesleaving room for a completely out of place teen drama character and exposing a weak attempt to adapt a classic to modern times.

2) Gypsy

Gypsy dracula

Thriller lovers will be outraged after watching the 10 episodes of Gypsy on Netflix (assuming they made it to the end). This miniseries starring Naomi Watts as a psychiatrist with a seemingly perfect life, who tries to help her patients find their inner balance, in reality hides many weaknesses. Gypsyin the end, turns out to be a wasted opportunity, not so much for the choice of themes already felt and brought to the screen, but more for the superficiality with which he instead ventures into the human soul.

This series was supposed to delve into the depths of the psyche and from how it was advertised it seemed to have succeeded, only to later prove to be just another product to attract the public with promises of originality and then leave them disappointed, sitting on his sofa. In short, Lisa Rubin’s project didn’t go as she should have, and that’s what made it happen Gypsy one of the worst miniseries on Netflix.

3) Ares


After the arrival of this Dutch series on Netflix (the review of which you can find here), there were many comments on its ability to terrify the viewer and, perhaps, they raised expectations a little too much. This time too the trailer helped to arouse the curiosity of horror lovers, only to disappoint them in the end, proving nothing more than many other series of this genre. In appearance Ares it can intrigue for the power of the images, costumes and photography, but also for the role that silence and mystery play within the screenplay.

Yet it ends up being nothing more than a empty shell, an external tactic to cover the weakness of a plot that, on its own, would never have held up. Behind the story of Aresa mysterious brotherhood that the protagonist decides to join, there’s no real background and this often ends up confusing the viewer, left at the mercy of the images. The series raised many questions which, however, it was not able to answer satisfactorily.

4) Freud


Also for Freudas for Dracula, it was about adapting a story that had already been explored many times for the small screen, trying to give it a touch of originality to make it attractive again. Against the backdrop of Vienna in 1886, a young Sigmund Freud is fascinated by hypnotherapy, which he uses skillfully for clinical cases in the psychiatric hospital where he works, despite many having doubts about the use of this unorthodox method. After being involved in a seance by Countess Sophia von Szápáry, Freud finds himself catapulted into an incessant circle of supernatural crimes and murders.

Transforming an intellectual so important for the history of psychoanalysis and philosophy into any ghost hunter Was this really a good idea? be with Freud you were hoping to see a series that would take you into the incomprehensible world of the human psyche, forget it. There is little that is reliable and real about this product and it ends up becoming something already seen pure and surreal entertainmentwithout exploiting its full potential.

5) Troy – Fall of a City


This miniseries consisting of 8 episodes and aired on Netflix in 2018 left fans speechless with amazement, but certainly not with its beautiful qualities. The myth of the Trojan War has always fascinated everyone, partly due to the fascination exercised by the powerful city of Asia Minor, partly due to the mythology and traditions of its inhabitants and of all Greeks. Many transpositions have been made but, unfortunately, Troy – Fall of a City cannot be considered among the most successful.

Starting from the choice of a varied cast but not always adequate to represent the features of the protagonists with historical accuracy of one of the most well-known events in history, the weaknesses of some actors at an acting level are also outlined, as incapable of adequately conveying the characteristic pathos of some of the scenes depicted. An example could be the farewell between Hector and Andromache, as heartbreaking in the Homeric text as it is devoid of character in this TV series.