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Men and Women, Armando Incarnato tells the truth about his absence and then reveals: “With Ida Platano I disappeared because..”

Men and Women, Armando Incarnato tells the truth about his absence and then reveals: "With Ida Platano I disappeared because.."

The controversial knight of Men and Women reveals: “Have I been absent for love, Ida tronista? I wish her only a lot of happiness”.

After months of being away from the studio, Armando Incarnato is back in the over parterre of Men and Women. Interviewed by the official weekly of Canale 5 dating showthe controversial knight has revealed the whole truth about his absence and commented the return of Ida Platano as tronista.

The truth of Armando Incarnato

A few days after his return, Armando Incarnato gave a long interview to the official magazine of Men and women in which he revealed the real reasons that kept him away from the broadcast. An absence, that of the controversial knight of the over parterre, which made particular noise:

I gave priority to a person who is worth more to me than anything else in the world. I decided to pause my journey on Men and Women basically for love, not for a girlfriend…I won’t deny that giving up the program hurt me, but I think it also made me stronger. I have always been convinced that the highest form of love also involves the sacrifice of taking away from yourself to give to those you love.

There are also those who were happy with my absence. I really read everything about myself. I avoided responding to the allegations also because I was focused on something else. The reason for my absence was so clean and noble that all those rumors and insults slipped off me like soapy water.

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Armando he couldn’t help but comment afterwards the return of Ida Platano as tronista. About the dance in the studio with lda, the knight confessed:

We are friends with Ida: rightly she called me several times during my absence from the program, but I never replied to her. I wanted to dance with her because I wanted to tell her that if I had been silent it wasn’t because of a lack of affection towards her. The reasons for my absence concerned very delicate and personal things and I didn’t feel like talking about it with her too. I was afraid that she might tell her ex too and I didn’t want that to happen. So I disappeared. Ida on the throne? I wish you only a lot of happiness.

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