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Big Brother, Giuseppe and Beatrice close again: “The good we have inside must remain”

Big Brother, Giuseppe and Beatrice close again: "The good we have inside must remain"

New rapprochement between Giuseppe and Beatrice on Big Brother after a letter written by the competitor which contained special thanks to Beatrice

Big Brother, Giuseppe and Beatrice close again: 'The good we have inside must remain'

Between Beatrice e Giuseppe al Big Brother a new chapter in their never-ending story is beginning. After you left definitively and distanced themselves, now the two reality show contestants have separated get closerthanks to a letter that the Calabrian janitor wrote to Beatrice.

Thanksgiving to Big Brother

Il Thanksgiving Day American, known as Thanksgiving, appeared for one evening in the house of Big Brother. Sitting around the table, each competitor he picked up a ticket with a dedicate special for the person who, during those months, had a positive impact on his journey inside the Cinecittà loft.

Giuseppe’s Message of Gratitude to his roommates

The thought of Giuseppe was addressed to Beatricewho he thanked for forgiving him in times when he made mistakes and for contributing to his growth, both as an individual and as a man. Garibaldi began by expressing gratitude to all the tenants of the house. “I would like to thank each of you, in one way and in another, each of you has me supported and supported in times of need. All of you have given me so much in every moment spent in here“.

Beatrice, a Teacher of life

Then he turned to the Vivere actress: “But I would like, specifically, thank Beatrice who, despite all the arguments and arguments, was always ready to forgive my mistakes. For me in this adventure you were alife teacherhelping me to know how to behave in certain situations and beyond“.

Like it or not you expanded that in me personality of man that was missing – Giuseppe concluded – Remember that words, arguments and arguments come and go. But the important thing is good that we have inside that must remain“.

Moment of emotion and hugs

Soon after Giuseppeaddressing Letizia Petris explained to him why he chose to thank Beatrice: “If my path here had been linear, without those comparisons and challenges that I faced, I would not have had the opportunity to grow. What we have shared tonight it’s an important moment. The written words they remain forever, unlike words that dissipate with time and are forgotten“.

The thoughts of Beatrice’s fans

Il rapprochement between Giuseppe and Beatrice aroused disappointment among the many fans of the actress. Many are convinced that Garibaldi has no feelings for her, but that he is taking advantage of its popularity to obtain votes in case of nomination.

Just twenty-four hours earlier, i fans of the couple they had flown over the Big Brother house a airplane in which they had promised theirs support only to Beatrice.

In the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity, the embrace between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi