Saturday, February 24, 2024

Striscia la Notizia, Francesca Michielin: “Morgan? Apart from the joke about Ivan Graziani, he didn’t do anything to me”

Striscia la Notizia, Francesca Michielin: "Morgan? Apart from the joke about Ivan Graziani, he didn't do anything to me"

The singer and presenter of X Factor, Francesca Michielin, commented on Morgan’s departure from the jury of the talent show.

This evening at The news spreads are Channel 5, Francesca Michielin received his first Golden tapirafter statements released by Morgan who accused the microphones of the satirical news Michielin, Fedez and Dargen D’Amico of being part of a clique that decides everything and has related economic interests.

Francesca Michelin: “Morgan never made over the top statements with me”

And that they were behind Sky’s decision to remove him from the programme. Thesis already refuted by Fedezwho yesterday in Striscia declared: “Sky was forced to expel him for very serious behavior towards other people outside of the live broadcast, but filmed by the cameras”. Intercepted by Valerio Staffelli in Milan, the presenter di X Factor stated that he had not seen the dispute between the judges:

“I didn’t witness anything. I only saw the video circulating online. Morgan never made over the top statements with me. He was my judge when I was a competitor and I also got along well. He, as we know, is a character a little complex and when you call him in a program something can happen, but apart from that joke about Ivan Graziani and a bit of general irreverence he didn’t do anything”

Before greeting the correspondent of Striscia, Francesca Michielin threw a stab at Morganwho had declared that Fedez-Dargen-Michielin I’m a “Warner-backed record production crew”:

“I’m going to work at Sony now, my record company. I don’t have any others. It’s been said that we all have the same record company, but technically I’ve been at Sony since I was a teenager”

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