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But can you imagine that in 2001 we watched these TV series?

But can you imagine that in 2001 we watched these TV series?

The year was 2001 and the world of serials was experiencing a great moment. Scrubs arrived with its first season, Six Feet Under wrote one of the most existentialist pages ever, giving life to a huge cult, while Tutto in Famiglia offered us the adventure of a crazy family that would accompany us for years. Everything called us back to that sofa from which we wanted to never leave. In 2001 we were watching a wonderful serial universe still capable of triggering great bouts of nostalgia in us today that still make us regret those moments. With the advent of an ever-increasing quantity of TV series, we have lost the actual knowledge of when and in which year we saw a certain production for the first time, and this can be an excellent reason to clarify things a little. and actually understand which TV series, in addition to for example Scrubs, we watched in the year 2001.

So make yourself comfortable for this journey into the world of TV series born in 2001, and hold on tight: Scrubs won’t be the only production to create a sense of nostalgia

1) Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire (640×360)

Even if the nostalgia towards Lizzie McGuire is a lot, we cannot deny the division that the protagonist has created among her fans. Many of her, in fact, admit that they cannot stand her attitude and her way of behaving, while others see her as the typical protagonist of an American TV series. In short, she is not as loved as London Tipton, but she certainly marked one of the most important Disney Channel pages. Our Lizzie, together with her friends Miranda and Gordon, took us with her to school, anticipating anyone who was still too young, what would await him in his adolescence. Together with her cartoon alter ego, Lizzie tries to survive middle school by finding the right motivation in her friends. Between loves, ramshackle families and a troublemaking brother, our Lizzie grows up, subsequently taking us with her to Rome. The success of the series was in fact so much that it gave rise to a small Disney cult which, even today, remains one of the most acclaimed successes of that period.

2) Everything in the Family

All in family
All in the Family (640×360)

It came to us in 2001, All in family represented an untouchable family comedy. Anyone with a good memory of the series will remember well the severe punishments of the family patriarch Micheale Kyle who, to respond to his children’s troubles, has always used original but also very immature methods. The protagonist, on the other hand, is the real child of the family. Self-centered and immature, Michael tries to make his children love him as much as he tries to make them fear him. His wife Jay will try to put things back in order and, aware of her husband’s difficult character, will try to make him see reason (failing most of the time). Ironic, crazy and funny, Everything in the Family is a true comedy manifesto of the 2000s, the logbook of an American family which, despite Michael Kyle’s extremism, also seems similar to ours.

3) Life According to Jim

Life According to Jim (640×360)

Let’s continue on the wave of comedy con Life According to Jim, another familiar classic that kept us glued to our couch for hours on end. Thanks to its hilarious dialogues and its narrative structure, the series took us into its narrative, making us experience some of the craziest family events ever. With a protagonist who never evolves and remains the same immature child as ever, Life According to Jim tells the story of an American family made up of an overly patient wife, a husband with rough and insensitive features and three trouble-making children. But it doesn’t end there: the family’s adventures will also be characterized by the constant presence of Jim’s brothers-in-law, Dana and Andy. The latter, in particular, will become a true ally for Jim, his main ally. Life According to Jim, although in some respects it has aged very poorly, however, it remains a real window onto the 2000sa small cult capable of still making us smile and making us look at the past with nostalgia.

4) Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under (640×360)

Dividing himself between life and death, Six Feet Under it tells of existence through a profound narrative which still leads it to be considered one of the best TV series ever. With an ending that tells life in a natural and realistic way, this HBO production tells the story of a family that owns a funeral home. Through the narrative device of visions, the protagonists manage to relate to the deceased by talking about everything that, in reality, they are unable to face. Their frustrations, what hurts them the most, their pain: each of these things is returned to the viewer through dialogues that still remain immortal. Even family relationships, like the theme of death, are staged in a very natural and realistic way. There is no shortage of conflicts, there is no shortage of the usual daily problems, the most dramatic moments. Everything in Six Feet Under tells life in the most honest and true way possiblean element that until then had often been missing from the serial panorama. After Six Feet Under nothing was ever the same again, and we are still able to remember this well today.

5) Smalville

Smalville (640×360)

In 2001 there was no room for Iron Man: our reference superhero was only one, and his name was Clark Kent. In fact, Smallville adapts the story of Superman through the use of the teen drama genre and beyond. At the center of the story we find Clark Kent, a teenage superhero who is divided between the fight to save the world and the classic teenage problems. In fact, between one trouble and another, our friend will also have to deal with a fluctuating and difficult love story with Lana, her true love, the woman who will make his enemies appear to him as harmless creatures. On the other hand, we knew it at that time and we still know it now: it is easier to save the world than to deal with sentimental matters. And if a superhero didn’t understand anything, let alone how much we understood.

6) Scrubs

Scrubs (640×360)

If this were a ranking, Scrubs he would inevitably be on the podium. On the other hand, we are talking about one of the most important productions of all time, a story that is divided between the world of comedy and the world of dramedy, telling us with depth and realism the life of a hospital that tries to save lives every day. With irony, melancholy, sadness, lightness and depth, Scrubs tells us a story in which we always hope that things will go the right way, even if we are fully aware of their difficulty. Dividing himself between JD’s optimism and Dr. Cox’s cynicism, Scrubs gives us multiple points of view who take on the task of analyzing existence in its most difficult moment, the one in which we struggle between life and death. In some cases we will feel like JD, in others like Dr. Cox, but it doesn’t matter: regardless of anything, Scrubs will be ready to embrace us to heal all our wounds, to stand by us in the most difficult moments and in those a little ‘ easier. In a touching and moving way, Scrubs is a real state of minda TV series that still remains relevant in our panorama today and will probably remain so forever.

7) Alias

Alias (640×360)

Released in 2001, Alias is an American TV series that marks Jennifer Garner’s first major leading role. Created by the future creator of Lost, Alias ​​tells the story of Sydney Bristow, a student who is called to work for SD-6, a section of the CIA in which she will take the position of operative agent discovering that her father does the same job . Between espionage, science fiction and drama, this American production soon became a real slogan of the genre, a cult acclaimed by the public and critics who decided to reward it with numerous Emmy Awards. In fact, Alias ​​was so successful that in 2003 a spy agency decided to call Garner for an advert aimed at recruiting new agents. In short, reality and fantasy, never more than in this case, have understood well how to become an extension of each other.

8) Via Zanardi, 33

Via Zanardi, 33 (640×360)

Let’s go back in time now with an all-Italian TV series entitled Via Zanardi,33. Set in Bologna, the series tells the story of a group of students who live in a student residence making space between typical university problems and everyday ones. Between love, friendships, impossible exams and everyday life, Via Zanardi,33 represents a true generational manifesto, an honest story of the kids of that period divided between the looming adulthood and the last moments of carefreeness. With a brief cameo by Cesare Cremoni as Gustavo, the series marks the first steps into the world of acting of great Italian actors such as Elio Germano and Dino Abbrescia.

So, how many remember this TV series?

9) 24

24 (640×360)

Also released in 2001, 24 It is characterized above all by the originality of its narrative. In fact, at the center of the story we find Jack Bauer, an agent of the Los Angeles anti-terrorism unit, who season after season must manage to save the United States from a feared threat. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about an attack, an epidemic or a military operation, regardless of the extent of the problem Jack will have the duty to solve the problem only within 24 hours. The events of the series are therefore told in real time and to achieve this 24 uses the function of split screen. To be clear, the actions of the various characters will be shown simultaneously together with a digital clock that signals the passing of time. In a realistic way, 24 takes us with it in these 24 hours without ever making us miss a moment. Winner of several awards including Emmy and Golden Globe, 24 it still remains one of the most loved political thriller TV series ever, a classic of the genre that it wouldn’t be bad to see again in a new way.

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