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The Promise Previews November 23, 2023: Lorenzo insults Catalina!

The Promise Previews November 23, 2023: Lorenzo insults Catalina!

Let’s see the previews of the episode of La Promessa broadcast on 23 November 2023 on Canale5. The plots of the Soap episode reveal that Lorenzo will insult Catalina and invite her to step aside and give up her desire to manage the estate’s finances.

In the episode of The promise aired on November 23, 2023at ore 16.45 are Canale5, Catalina will have to face Don Lorenzo. The Previews from theclean up from the Soap ci reveal That De La Mata will insult heavily the marchesinatelling her to don’t think she’s capable Of take care of economic management of The promise and not being able to do it even with someone’s help. Curro’s stepfather will invite her to leave it to those in charge. Meanwhile Candela fara peeps at the estate again.

Previews The Promise: Lorenzo insults Catalina

Lope and Catalina’s plan works and the Marquis is happy that her ideas bring money to the estate. There girl is happy to lend a hand and it would be felt ready to join her father in the management of financial matters of The promise. But being a woman, no one seems to pay much attention to her, not even Don Alonso. The Marquis knows how smart his daughter is but he still cannot go against the conventions of the time. Who instead won’t let a comment, very unrefinedwill be Don Lorenzo. Curro’s stepfather Catalina will insult.

The Promise Preview: Don Lorenzo invites Catalina to step aside

Don Lorenzo he has always been rather rude and this time he will be even more so. The nobleman, convinced that he will soon manage an important part of the Baron’s inheritance, will clash with Catalina and against her desire to become the estate’s businesswoman. The Count he will tell her not to think at all That she can handle a similar matter e he will invite hernot very cordially, to step aside. For Catalina it will be a real insult.

Plots and Previews The Promise: Candela returns home

After two days of distance, Candela will return to the estate. The woman however, he will not have forgotten what happened with Simona e he will try to stay away from her. It will even be her to tell Gregorio that she had moved away from work and to come up with an excuse for his absence, without her friends having to lie for her. But her return will hide an unpleasant intent.

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The promise va broadcast from Monday to Friday at ore 16.45 are Canale5.