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The Boys 4 – The first previews of one of the great protagonists of the season, Victoria Neuman

The Boys 4 – Le prime anticipazioni su una delle grandi protagoniste della stagione, Victoria Neuman

Warning: the article may contain spoilers about the first season of the spin-off of The Boys.

Gen Vthe new TV series set in the narrative universe created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, ended with an epilogue that laid excellent foundations for the continuation of the original story. Initially it was not easy to imagine that the adventures of the young aspiring Supers of the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting could be connected to those of the protagonists of The Boys. The ending of Gen V however, it gave the audience cameos from Butcher and Patriot and showed what viewers can expect from the upcoming fourth season. In the meantime Thanks to the end of the strike, work has restarted on the new episodes of the Amazon Prime Video TV series, which should be distributed next year on the streaming platform.

Talking about The Boys 4Eric Kripke and screenwriter Michele Fazekas have given an important preview of a character who could be one of the main villains of the fourth season.

The creator of the TV series Eric Kripke in recent weeks he has been having fun teasing the public, revealing a preview of some exciting details on the continuation of the story of Patriota and the other Supers. While last week he explained with a post on social media the stage of work for the new season, this time in an interview he talked about the role a character will have in The Boys 4. During a chat with the editorial staff Men’s Health Eric Kripke explained that Senator Victoria Neuman will be “a big concern” for all the characters in the series. In this way he confirmed that the character, played by Claudia Doumitwill represent a real threat in the next presidential election campaign.

Even the screenwriter Michele Fazekas confirmed that Victoria Neuman will play a central role in the story of The Boys 4. The man anticipated in an interview given to IGN that the senator could get close to the character of Marie Moreau during her political climb. Since the two women have very similar powers, one can imagine that they will wreak quite a bit of havoc in The Boys 4. The screenwriter anticipated:

Victoria Neuman is well aware of who can be useful to her. She is a real calculator, if she understands that someone can be useful to her, she will do anything to have him with her. He doesn’t necessarily want to make us friends though“.

Michele Potter also explained to fans of the original TV series what they need to know about what happened in Gen V, before watching the fourth season. According to him, it must be borne in mind that Senator Victoria Neuman is “running for vice president” despite also being “a secret superhero“. He also promised that in The Boys 4 fans will find out”much more about this.”