While waiting for Napoleon, here are the best Joaquin Phoenix films in streaming

The Oscar-winning actor gives us a remarkable performance in the upcoming Ridley Scott biopic, as well as in the streaming films you find below.

Waiting to see it in a few days in the theater with the Napoleon directed by Ridley Scott – in which in our opinion he offers one of the best proofs of his glorious career – we want to retrace the filmography of Joaquin Phoenix through five film in streaming which in our opinion represent as many fundamental stages in his growth both as an actor and as a star on an international level. Enjoy the reading.

Before Napoleon: five streaming films starring Joaquin Phoenix

  • Gladiator
  • The Village
  • The masters of the night
  • Lei
  • Joker

Gladiator (2000)

The first Oscar nomination arrives for Ridley Scott’s spectacular peplum. Phoenix builds scene after scene a multifaceted and mellifluous villain, a man defeated by the weight of his own lineage and unable to deal with his greatness. Russell Crowe guide Gladiator in a grandiose cinematic tour, testosterone-rich but also capable of great moments of introspection. Oscar for the film and the leading actor for an essential title of that period. An exciting and more complex film than its highly mainstream frame. Available on Rakuten TV, Google Play, Apple Itunes, Netflix, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video, NOW.

The Village (2004)

In one of the most emotional and metaphorical films of M. Night ShyamalanPhoenix offers the first major romantic test of his career alongside a Bryce Dallas Howard very sweet and magnetic. Aided by the autumnal music of James Newton Howard, the two make The Village a gothic horror that is hard to forget, elegant in form and evocative in tone. Roger Deakins’ photography closes a luxury cinematographic circle. Complex but hypnotic film. To see and study. Available on Google Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +.

We Own the Night (2007)

Among the various collaborations with James Gray We have choosen The masters of the night because it comes closest to the idea of ​​a ’70s detective story, a film stripped down to the story and staged with notable attention to the autumnal atmosphere. Mark Wahlberg as a co-star it works well enough, but Phoenix ed Eva Mendes they often steal the show. Nice ending for an engaging, fast and full-bodied auteur noir. To see and admire. Perhaps its author’s best film. Available on CHILIGoogle Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Lei (2012)

In our opinion the best proof of Joaquin Phoenix’s career, the most widespread and melancholy. An actor of enormous sensitivity who manages to make an “impossible” love story very real and poignant. Lei is one of the most accomplished works of Spike Jonze, and it’s no coincidence that it takes home the Oscar for original screenplay. Also in the cast is a great one Scarlett Johansson who acts only with his voice. Original, heartfelt, intimate film. Truly a very rare pearl. Available on Rakuten TV, CHILI, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Joker (2019)

Finally the Oscar for best leading actor for a great physical and psychological performance. Todd Phillips builds his own Joker as a universe in its own right, coherent and sick, set in an aesthetic that does justice to the masterpieces of the 70s. Robert De Niro the support is remarkable, the rest of the cast is perfect. Difficult film to digest, complex in its narrative and at times truly suffocating. A panacea for contemporary cinecomics. Available on Rakuten TV, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

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