OFFICIAL – Morgan fired from X Factor: Sky’s note

In the end it really happened. After much chatter, suppositions, speculation, the relationship between Morgan and he had already been a judge on X Factor for a long period, between 2008 and 2014). A decision that was in the air since yesterday, as we anticipated here, and which this morning becomes official and definitive.

What made the difference, without a doubt, was last Thursday’s episode, where all sorts of things happened: starting from the ugly sentence said by Morgan to Fedez, which was followed by a message of explanations post-episode, passing through the dispute with Francesca Michielin and the furious out-of-the-box argument with Ambra Angiolini, filmed by a spectator’s video. There were far, far too many questionable situations in which Morgan was the protagonist, so much so that it led Sky – after a few days of reflection on the incident – to a drastic, definitive decision, without appeal and without return.

Here is the official note from Sky that reached us just a few minutes ago, announcing the fact that Morgan will no longer be part of The X Factor:

“Sky Italia and Fremantle Italia have decided, by mutual agreement, to terminate the collaborative relationship with Morgan and his presence on the X Factor as a judge.

An evaluation made following repeated incompatible and inappropriate behaviour, also towards the production and during the performances of the competitors, and the numerous declarations which have also occurred in recent days. It is essential that the competitors and their journey remain at the center of the program. Music and talent have always been and must continue to be the fundamental driving force of the X Factor, and it is a priority that everything takes place in a professional working environment and that the discussion, however heated, is always expressed with mutual respect. The decision is taken into consideration of the values ​​that Sky, Fremantle and

In short, in addition to what we have seen, there is more: Sky motivates its decision by also talking about incompatible and inappropriate behavior towards the production and during the performances of the competitors, so the matter goes well beyond the clashes seen live with the various judges during the last episode. Thus ends the stormy relationship between Morgan and X Factor, with X Factor 23 soon having to find a replacement for the judge. We will soon see who will be chosen to take his place, but in the meantime one thing is certain: Morgan is out, now it is official and definitive.

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