Men and Women, previews: quarrel between Ida Platano and Roberta di Padua

Yesterday, Monday 20 November, the new episodes of Men and Women were recorded: let’s find out what happened in the new appointments with the Canale 5 dating show.

Yesterday, Monday 20 November, the new episodes of Men and women: let’s find out what happened in the new dates with the dating show Channel 5. Here they are previews spread by Lorenzo Pugnaloni’s Instagram page.

Men and Women, previews: quarrel between Ida Platano and Roberta Di Padua

Ida Platano he went out with a Cuban guy named i David and she stated that she was very happy with this new acquaintance though Tina Cipollari she showed some disappointment towards her suitor. Rags then flew between Platano and Roberta di Padua which gave rise to a rather heated clash. As is well known, there has never been bad blood between them (they were both engaged to Riccardo Guarnieri). The Di Padua went out with Marcantonio Alessio who he was seeing Emanuela Malavisi and therefore the plane tree he accused her of always getting in the way in relationships as has happened in the past with Riccardo and with Alessandro Vicinanza before the latter and Ida left the program together.

In previous recordings, Roberta he had asked Ida to put an end to their differences and establish a peaceful relationship. There plane tree however, he stated that he was unable to forget what happened in the past and trust her.

Claudia Lenti he wanted to talk to again Alessio Pini and brought him a frame with their photo but Alessio he reiterated that their attendance is permanently closed. To the weekly Men and Women, the knight declared that he could not stand the jealousy of Claudia:

“When we see each other we get along very well because she is a sweet woman and has many qualities but when we are apart another side of the coin appears which raises other issues. Unfortunately, jealousy between us is a problem because it affects me on a personal level. Damn jealousy! Claudia is very “pressing” towards me and this creates anguish in me (…) I am always questioned by Claudia for my lifestyle and it doesn’t suit me. I admit that I am a jealous person, but be careful: if I have a desirable woman at my side, physically and humanly, it is logical that other men will approach and perhaps try with her. But this makes me proud (…) Claudia has just come from experiences that have made her like this. I I understand, I too have had toxic relationships in the past and this caused me fears that spilled over into the relationships that followed. I see some insecurities in Claudia and this makes me very sad because it is exhausting for two people who live at a distance.”

Armando Incarnato was not present and was not spoken either Brando Ephrikian neither Cristian Forti.

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