Golden Globes, danger averted! No more risk of cancellation: broadcast network and date found

After months of uncertainty, the danger regarding the 2024 Golden Globes finally seems to have passed. In fact, we remember that in June the Hollywood Foreign Press Association put the broadcast rights up for grabs due to a decline in popularity, which hit historic lows in 2021. There has also been a lot of controversy surrounding the lack of diversity, with some artists even returning their awards as a gesture of protest.

There have been months of tension for the Golden Globes, which risked no longer existing

After the gala was canceled in 2022, the Golden Globes returned in 2023 thanks to NBC, but it was the last time. This year, in fact, many networks refused to broadcast the awards ceremony: NBC, CBS, Fox, Netflix, Prime Video, ABC/Disney+/Hulu, Apple TV+, Turner e Roku. Todd Boehly, the CEO of the company that acquired the rights to the awards, Eldridge Industries, said during an interview with the NBC program Closing Bell: “I doubt we’ll be on NBC. A gigantic transition is underway. Streaming is becoming an integral part of the direction the world is going. The flexibility we can get in a streaming environment is very different than what we can get in a conventional station. I think we will take advantage of this flexibility“.

Despite the initial rejection, it seems that the danger is now over and that the Golden Globes are safe, given that the awards ceremony will be broadcast live on CBS and can be seen on Paramount+. Later, they will also be available on the CBS application. George Cheeks, president and CEO of CBS, celebrated the announcement: “Live entertainment and sports have always been a hallmark of CBS, and this year the Globes add a new dimension to our first quarter schedule. Their airing in January also offers the added benefit of being another platform to promote new primetime programming on CBS in February

The 2024 Golden Globes awards ceremony will be broadcast live on CBS

The day chosen for the gala is January 7th, the live broadcast will start at 5pm (American time) and will last approximately three hours. It will be the first time in 27 years that the awards ceremony will not be broadcast on NBC, while the last time it was broadcast on CBS was 40 years ago.

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