Circeo: the second episode of the fiction is broadcast tonight on Rai1

Tonight, Tuesday 21 November 2023, the second appointment with Circeo, the Fiction dedicated to the Circeo Massacre, is broadcast. Here are the previews of the episode broadcast today on Rai1.

This evening, Tuesday 21 November 2023, second appointment con Circeo. The seriein three first evenings are Rai1says one of the crime news episodesmost sadly known in our country: the Circeo massacre. Let’s see them together Previews from the episode in onda Todaystarting from 9.30pm.

Circeo: The Plot of the Rai1 Fiction

After the first appointment on Tuesday 14 November 2023, this evening will wave at second episode Of Circeo. The Fiction by Rai1in three prime time slots, says one of the scariest eventstold by Italian news in recent years: The Circeo Massacre. The series comes told from the female point of viewwith voices of the victims, of the survivor e of lawyers who followed the trial, which became a battle against violence. I am described the crucial steps of the path of Donatella Colasantiwho from an anonymous suburban girl has become a character tormented by the media spotlight but ready to fight to bring out the truth and protect the memory of those who didn’t make it and deserve justice.

Circeo Previews: here is the plot of the second episode broadcast tonight on Rai1

Circeo, Third Episode Previews: and the June 30, 1976 e the trial begins in Latina Of first degree for Angelo Izzo and Gianni Guido. Andrea Ghira it is still fugitive. The defense of the two boys is entrusted to gods Top criminal lawyers While Donatella is defended by Teresa and Tarsitano, who study their opponents’ every move and are ready to strengthen their strategy, where needed. THE the first few days are very difficultno holds barred, between requests for mitigating circumstances and expert reports. The women of the feminist movement they have took Donatella as a symbol of their struggle e they show up in the courtroom to support her. Their presence, however, risks jeopardizing the outcome of the trial Teresa is forced to confront Tina Lagostena Bassi. However, they are starting to arrive as well positive results ma Donatella is called to the toughest test: lay in the Circeo villathe place where the crime occurred and where Rosaria died. Teresa clashes with Saveriothe paparazzo interested in the case, who discovered where the seaside hotel where she and her client are staying is located.

Circeo, Fourth Episode Previews: Donatella must endure the toughest test Of the whole process. The Villa del Circeo reminds her of the terrible hours spent amidst violence and anguish. Luckily her family is by her side but above all it is her mother’s strength, Teresa’s determination but also Saverio’s light-heartedness, that give her the courage to face everything. If things seem to be going better outside, in the classroom they become more difficult. The various phases of the process follow one another with difficulty and the young woman is particularly affected by how much public opinion talks about her incessantly. The girl, with an always impetuous character, it also clashes with the feminist movement. Xavier meanwhile it seems ready to play a scoop on her ma change idea e proves to Teresa that he is not an opportunistready to make money on the skin of an innocent. Teresa it has like this way to tell him more about yourself.

Circeo it’s going to happen in the early evening are Rai1.

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