Big Brother, Nicole, Letizia’s ex-girlfriend, shows a shocking photo: “She gave me two slaps”

During the twenty-first episode of Big Brother, Letizia received a video message from her ex Nicole Conte who then made very serious accusations on social media.

During the twenty-first episode of Big Brother, Joy has received a video message from his ex-girlfriend Nicole Conte who returned to talk about their past history, reiterating the physical and psychological violence suffered by Gieffina.

Big Brother, Letizia Petris’ ex-girlfriend publishes a shot in which she appears with a swollen face, referring to the physical violence she suffered at the hands of Gieffina

“Before I make a huge point about this story I wanted to point out two things. First of all, it really hurt me to see how such an important issue as physical and mental violence was belittled and was justified by you with your age and your awareness. Some things are unjustifiable”he has declared Nicole in the video message. “THEFurthermore, I would have put an end to this story a long time ago, if you hadn’t written and rewritten insinuating that I was thinking of you, even though I had already started another relationship and so had you. You never mention that the last time we saw each other was not with the death of your dad, but on June 7, 2020 and you know very well what happened that day”

After the words of Nicolethe 24 year old from Romagna he did not want to respond by stating that he no longer wanted to give space and talk about a relationship that has been over for some time. Gentlemen he asked her what happened on the date she referenced Nicole e Joy he remembered receiving a bouquet of flowers the day before his birthday.

Shortly thereafter, theEx Girlfriend he wanted to clarify what really happened that day complete with photos

“She said that on June 7th I brought her a bouquet of flowers because saying that she gave me two slaps seemed ugly” and then, sharing a photo dated from that day and swollen from time to time, he added:

“This is the bouquet of flowers I brought her. To each their own conclusions. Point”.

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