Big Brother, Letizia Petris disappointed by Rosy Chin: “She first made me trust her and then out of nowhere…” (VIDEO)

Letizia Petris’s outburst about Rosy Chin’s behavior towards her at Gf.

Yesterday’s episode of Big Brotherwhich saw the exit of Ciro Petrone, was really tough for Letizia Petris. The young competitor, in fact, received serious accusations from his ex-girlfriend and saw his crumble friendship with Rosy Chin.

Letizia Petris against Rosy Chin

Il behavior adopted by Rosy Chin in the Big Brother House it literally has destabilized and disappointed Letizia Petris. Talking with Paolo Masella immediately after the live broadcast, the young photographer was unable to hide hers disappointment towards the Chinese chef, who first pushed her to trust her and then stabbed her in the back:

She made me trust her, she knew how much difficulty I had in trusting people… out of nowhere she destroyed this intimacy out of nowhere, without saying anything. Can’t you stand me anymore? All right. She called me aggressive, spoiled, selfish… I swear to you that in 24 years no one has ever called me selfish or uncaring. Never in my life. I lived my days for others…He can’t stand me anymore.

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After listening to it Letizia’s outburst Paolo reiterated his thoughts on Rosy and invited the photographer not to talk about her ex anymore:

If after 60 days of intimacy and friendship he comes to say that he can’t stand you anymore, go to that person and say enough, take steps back. He doesn’t have to take advantage of an external situation to attack you. Because otherwise it means that all these months your ex has been false (…)? Don’t talk about this, forget it. Enough.

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