There’s still tomorrow, even Super Mario’s hours are numbered at the Italian box office, third place in annual takings is close!

There’s Still Tomorrow by and with Paola Cortellesi it’s no longer even a success, but a true cultural phenomenon: at the Italian box office for the weekend it is now close to 19 million euros, looking at the third place of the best takings of the calendar year. The Hunger Games prequel, just released, is doing half the figures.

There’s still tomorrowdirectorial debut of Paola Cortellesi also protagonist, has become a cultural phenomenon, as confirmed by the weekend Italian box office, where it held the top easily, with average per room still very high, adding another 4,080,000 euros to its impressive total of 18,905,000. In a painful weekend due to news events very close to the theme of the feature film (which however takes place in 1946!), its growing success takes on a bittersweet flavour, but also embodies hope. On happier notes, There’s Still Tomorrow is about to surpass 20,423,000 euros Super Mario Bros. – The Movie come third best result of the calendar year: Higher up there are only Oppenheimer and Barbie. How long has it been since we wrote things like that referring to an Italian film?

The prequel Hunger Games – The Rime of the Nightingale and the Serpent he had to settle for a debut in second position, with 2,395,000 euros raised in five days. The film tells of the young future dictator Coriolanus Snow (Tom Blyth) and his relationship with the “tribute” Lucy Gray Baird (Rachel Zegler). The opening in the USA, according to a Boxoffice Pro source, was 57% lower than that of the latest Il Canto della Rivolta Part 2 (2015), settling at 44 million dollars. It is considered unlikely that it will achieve the results of its predecessors at home.
Slide from second to third place The Marvelsnow officially a commercial failure for i Marvel Studios: in our country it reached 2,844,500 euros (637,500 over the weekend), while in the world we are talking about 161,300,000 dollars. Whereas in 2019 the predecessor Captain Marvel took home 1,131,400,000 dollars, the difference for now is frightening, and its budget of 220 million dollars will be making Kevin Feige tremble: it is very unlikely that The Marvels will reach 500 million worldwide to break even (excluding promotion).

He is stable in fourth position Trolls – All togetherthird chapter of the colorful designer saga DreamWorks Animation: the Italian total is around 1,820,000 euros (510,000 at the weekend), while globally it travels around 108,100,000 dollars, on a budget of 95. It seems that the cartoon is struggling, but the difficulty could also be attributable to the release streaming only of the second act, released during the pandemic three years ago.
Also stuck in fifth place Commander con Pierfrancesco Favinowhere the actor plays the true story of Salvatore Todaroin command of the submarine Cappellini during World War II: the work of Edoardo De Angelis records another 367,500 euros and therefore reaches the total of 3,230,300.

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