Teo Mammucari tired of Dancing with the Stars: “Heavy air but I have a contract and I have to stay”

Teo Mammucari, guest on Domenica In, revealed his desire to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars due to the numerous controversies with the jury.

Teo Mammucari tired of Dancing with the Stars: 'Heavy air but I have a contract and I have to stay'

After losing Lino Banfi, Dancing with the Stars also risks being missed The Mammucarithe former host of Le iene, guest of Sunday In, said he was tired of the constant controversy. Teo is exhausted by the constant attacks of the jury which have taken away his initial enthusiasm. Speaking with Mara Venier, the comedian said that he would like to abandon the program to which he is bound by a contract and respect for Milly Carlucci and her team.

Teo Mammucari Reveals the Tensions on Dancing with the Stars

The Mammucari took on a central role on Dancing with the Stars, thanks to its controversies that have maintained a high level of interest for the program. The resonance of his controversies grew especially following the alleged fight with Antonio Caprarica and the tensions with the jury, in particular with Selvaggia Lucarelli.

During his participation in Sunday In with Mara Venier, Teo appeared quite tired of the talent show atmosphere. He revealed that, after abandoning Mediaset programs, he was planning to leave the small screen for return to the theater.

Then Milly called me and I thought: ‘Rai 1 and Carlucci, excellent, I’ll go there and set up a brothel, I’ll break everything, I’ll have fun’. I thought Dancing needed a bit of comedy“he told Mara.

The controversy with Selvaggia Lucarelli

Teo’s enthusiasm waned immediatelyafter the first ones clashes with Selvaggia Lucarelli: “He attacked me on the first episode, on the second, he attacked me on the third and on the fourth he attacked me. At the fifth one I said: ‘Okay, let’s move on’. When she left saying ‘you make me tender’, I said ‘well this time that’s enough’“.

Teo Mammuccari is convinced that Selvaggia Lucarelli is prevented in his regards “Before starting, he told the newspapers that I was the most unpleasant man in the world and that I had to go to the record show for the unpleasantness“.

Il comparison passionate about the Roman comedian with Mara Venier continued, with Teo who promised to transform into Lorenzo Tano starting Saturday. The son of Rocco Siffredi to date it has proven to be one of the more reserved competitors in the history of the talent show.

Very good boy, young, polite, that’s it I’ll do like him. I’ve reached a point where I believe that in that context it’s tiring to do comedy“, Teo explained to Mara Venier who pointed out that this would distort his nature: “This is not you“.

Teo Mammucari wants his own program

Teo at the end of the interview, reiterating the his respect for Milly Carlucci: “She is a tractor, like you Mara, always working“, expressed the desire to have his own programI would like to do my own show, I would like my own program where I have fun“. Ai Dancing judges he asked “You can’t argue all the time. Once leave me alone, let me do my show“.

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