Men and Women, Gemma Galgani tries again with Silvio Venturato: the kiss also starts! (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Gemma Galgani shows up in Silvio Venturato’s dressing room and a kiss occurs between the two. Here’s what happened!

In the new episode of Men and womenwe start again from the end of last time, with the throne over shocked by the unexpected harmony between Barbara De Santi and Marco Viola. A connection that is very short-lived and leaves the lady very disappointed. What is shocking is an apparent flashback between Silvio Venturato e Gemma Galgani. Space in the episode also for classic throne con Brando Ephirkian and his suitors.

Men and Women, Gemma and Silvio: unexpected flashback!

Despite good intentions, Marco Viola confirms that he asked Cristina Tenuta outcausing the annoyance of Barbara De Santi. The knight admits that he had been hoping to date the younger lady for a long time and finally he chooses to dance with Cristina, wounding the other lady. It’s up to Aurora Tropea and Patrizio to talk about their situation, but Maria De Filippi notice the sad look of Barbara and asks her what’s happening. The lady admits that she is very disappointed, because after Alessio told her that he chose another woman than her, then also Marco by which she feels a little deluded. The knight intervenes and apologizes to her for having disappointed her and suggests that it is also due to a question of age that he does not want to court her, even if there is only a 9 year difference between them. However, Barbara she admits that she felt bad because it had been a long time since she had felt this feeling of desire and she didn’t think she would ever feel it again. We move on to Aurora e Patrician: in a post-episode video, the knight paid compliments to Gemmama in studio Aurora she admits that she already knew this and that even though she isn’t attracted to him, she has decided to continue getting to know him.

The real twist, however, concerns Gemma Galgani e Silvio Venturato: after the parade, during which the lady involved the knight in a dance and he showered her with compliments, the Turin lady approached and started flirting with him. In a second video after the episode, Gemma she joins him in the dressing room and the two start joking and almost end up kissing after they start messing around with some chocolates. The Turin lady continues to tease him, until with an excuse Silvio approaches her and kisses her on the lips. The two agree to see and talk to each other, since they already have their respective numbers. Everyone in the studio is shocked, including you Gianni and Tinabut the Turin lady says that after the bad events with Maurizio she felt unappreciated and the knight had already asked her to dance and she saw a romantic part in him that wasn’t there before. In the matter we all forgot to Alessandrathe lady who Silvio he had agreed to know and certainly did not expect to see similar behavior.

The knight takes the floor and underlines that in the first conversation with the new suitor the question of the absence of his home once again returned to the center of the discussion. Silvio he reveals that he was very annoyed by these questions, because he was never interested in asking for this information in an initial phase of acquaintance. A heated argument begins between the two, which even involves Gemma came to the rescue of the knight against Alessandra. In the end the knight decides to end the acquaintance with her, but then specifies that he doesn’t intend to start dating again with Gemma either. Although they both appreciated this brief moment of complicity, they are aware that they cannot get back together, because they are too different.

We move on to classic thronestarring this time Brando Ephkrian: in a video of the post episode, Beatriz she reaches him and the two argue furiously, with the suitor accusing him of being immature and that just because he grew a beard doesn’t mean he’s a man. The tronista reproaches her for being harsh and the two shout at each other furiously, so much so that in the end the suitor leaves in a rage. Even in the studio the two continue to argue: Beatriz points out that she has put her life on standby for him, but Brando he tells her that he isn’t forcing her to stay for him. Even the external with Raffaella it is no exception and the suitor asphalt Brando, telling him that the way he behaved towards her is not acceptable. In the studio, Maria reveals that the tronista has decided to bring down a new suitor: Giulia, which comes into this episode. Despite his arrival, Beatriz e Raffaella they continue to sit and scream at the tronista, who seems totally indifferent to both of them, so much so that he calls them harsh because they only reiterate how immature he is. In the end, Beatriz and Raffarella get up and leave.

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