Ilary Blasi, the director of the documentary Unica speaks: ”Filmed secretly by Totti”

Tommaso Deboni, director of the documentary Unica on Netflix, talks about the content and revelations of Ilary Blasi.

From November 24th, exclusively on Netflixthe documentary will be available Unique a portrait of Ilary Blasi, which tells its story and reveals truths that have never been revealed before. Everyone is wondering what the presenter will say about her separation from her ex-husband Francesco Totti and director Tommaso Deboni thought about revealing something.

Does Ilary Blasi unmask Totti with Unica? The director speaks

The announcement that A documentary entirely dedicated to Ilary Blasi would arrive on Netflix, with the fitting title Unica, shook the world of gossip. Since she said goodbye to Francesco Totti with a statement that summarized the choice to officially separate from her husband, without revealing further details. While the former Giallorossi captain spoke about the causes of the breakup, and then returned to the topic by admitting that he wanted to build a stable relationship with his ex-wife for the good of his children, Ilary never commented on anything and now he seems to have arrived his big moment. Interviewed by Il Messaggero, the director of the documentary Tommaso Deboni He admitted:

“Ilary’s version is that of a famous woman who faced what happened to her as anyone else would have done. I think many women will see themselves in her. She has never made any special requests, we will see her straight and easy. Intelligent people take this film as a conciliatory, discreet message.”

Ma Hilarytherefore, will talk about the real causes from breakup with Francesco Totti, perhaps also commenting on the athlete’s new relationship with Noemi Bocchi? It seems that those who would have wanted the more gory details will have to settle for a general overview, since Blasi will contain the information given. The director then explained how the documentary was filmed, admitting that he took advantage of all the possible moments away from Totti’s prying eyes.

“We shot quickly and secretly from people and Totti, in the studio, in Ilary’s house and during a trip with friends. There are no uncomfortable testimonies or sensational revelations. There’s the matter of watches and bags, obviously, because that’s part of the story.”

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