How many episodes are Lea – Our children?

Lea – How many episodes does our children have?

How many episodes does it consist of Lea – Our children? On the way from Sunday 12 November 2023 the second long-awaited chapter of the television series with Anna Valle returning with 8 episodes and a new title. Co-produced by Rai Fiction and Banijay Studios Italy, the second season was directed by Fabrizio Costa.

Lea – Our children episodes, how long do they last

Jerry Mastrodomenico (Donato Nibbi) and Daniela Morozzi (Rosa Nibbi) in a posed for
Jerry Mastrodomenico (Donato Nibbi) and Daniela Morozzi (Rosa Nibbi) posed for “Lea a new day”. Credits: Banijay Studios Italy and Rai. Photo by Pierfrancesco Bruni

We just found out how many episodes it consists of Lea – Our children. Each episode consists of a double episode, for a total duration of approximately 120 minutes. The Rai drama begins at approximately 9.25pm ​​and ends at 11.30pm.

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During the new episodes Anna Valle returns to dress as Lea, a nurse specialized in the pediatrics department of the Ferrara hospital. The story starts again three years later the events of the first season.


Now the woman is with Arturo (Mehmet Günsür), the charming musician with whom she lives, who made her discover the possibility of loving again and having the family she always wanted. Lea, in fact, now acts as mother to Martina, Arturo’s teenage daughter.

Lea – Our children when on air, programming

Lea – Our childrenconsisting of 8 episodes, will be broadcast on Rai 1 starting from 12 November 2023. Below you will find the complete programming.

  • First episode (episodes 1 and 2) – Sunday 12 November 2023;
  • Second episode (episodes 3 and 4) – Sunday 19 November 2023;
  • Third episode (episodes 5 and 6) – Sunday 26 November 2023;
  • Fourth episode (episodes 7 and 8) – Sunday 3 December 2023.

ATTENTION: the programming of Lea – Our children on Rai 1 may undergo variations.

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Il cast of this fiction is composed by Anna Valle (Light of your eyes, The Swan Company, Live in flight, Sisters), Giorgio Pasotti (Mina Settembre, The silence of water), Mehmet Günsür (Don Matteo, The Gift, The good pope – John XXIII), Eleonora Giovanardi, Daniela Morozzi, Marina Crialesi and Jerry Mastrodomenico. There are also many new entries of the season such as Claudia Vismara, Alan Cappelli Goetz and Sara Zanier.

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