Friends 23, could a new student join the school soon? A clue on TikTok drives fans crazy

A TikTok video published by a well-known web singer has raised a doubt: will she be one of the next students to join the Amici 23 talent show?

It is certainly nothing new that in the school of Amici Of Maria De Filippi students are subject to expulsion if they are unable to meet the standards of the talent teachers Mediaset. This is what happened in the past and also to Amici 23the new edition broadcast on Canale5 in the space of just two months we have seen the abandonment of several talents and the entry of new students.

Amici 23, a famous singer about to enter? A video on TikTok drives fans crazy

From September to today, the program has seen the departure of several students: Samuspina, Spacehippiez and, during today’s daytime, too Elia Fiore was eliminated from the program. Their places have been taken by several students and it seems that in the class of Amici23 a new singer could come in. The clue that is making fans chatter is contained in a video on TikTok.

The singer in question is Martina Bellelliin arte Innerwhich could be the challenger of Holy Franciscostudent of Anna Pettinelli, to whom the teacher he suspended his shirt. Consequentially, Holy will have to face the challenge and it is likely that his opponent could be himself Inner. It was the person concerned who revealed it or in any case threw a small clue during a video published on TikTok, in which she declared:

“If I were you I would be careful in the next few days of Daytime… I warned you”

@_marty_bels_ I warned you… #official friends #bels ♬ original sound – BELS

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