Eternal Suburra: Marlon Joubert, from Sorrentino to the Netflix series, does not disunite

“These characters wear a mask, but they have not disunited”: interview with Marlon Joubert, Carlotta Antonelli and Aliosha Massine, protagonists of Suburra Eterna, a Netflix series that takes us back to Rome, in the midst of the struggle for power.

Eternal Suburra: Marlon Joubert, from Sorrentino to the Netflix series, does not disunite

In It was the hand of God by Paolo Sorrentino he is the older brother of the protagonist Fabietto and, despite not having the same number of scenes, he stands out. In the film that put him on the public’s radar he tried to be an actor, but was rejected by none other than Federico Fellini himself. The true interpreter, however, Marlon Joubert, he’s coming a long way. In fact, we can still see it are Netflix thanks to serie Eternal Suburrawhich premiered at the 2023 Rome Film Festival.

Subeterna 3

SUBURRÆTERNA: an image from the series

Streaming from November 14th, Eternal Suburra is a sequel and also a reboot of Suburra – The seriesalready an expansion of the same name film by Stefano Sollima released in 2014. Joubert is Damiano Luciani, new partner of Angelica (Carlotta Antonelli), ex-wife of Spadino (Giacomo Ferrara), who wants to take control of the Anacleti family after Alberto-Spadino fled to Germany, to Berlin, to make up for himself a life.

Damiano works with dogs, runs a family fish shop with his brothers and is contemplating revenge. In fact, just like the animals he cares for, he behaves a bit like a dog defending his own pack: “My character is similar to a dog, he works on it” he told us in Rome, continuing: “it is found more with dogs than with people. They feel caged in this very small society for them“.

Eternal Suburra: interview with the actors

Marlon Joubert is from Naples, but in Suburra Eterna he speaks Roman. And he is not just any Roman: he has learned the cadence of Ostia, which stands out from that of the other neighborhoods of Rome. He succeeded thanks to a field study: “_There was a whole series of workers who came from Ostia: I had dialogue coaches in the café, behind a light, behind the camera. So it was very easy: you just had to get in touch with everyone_i”

Eternal Suburra: Giacomo Ferrara on the change in Spadino and the lack of Alessandro Borghi

Helping the Lucians, and related to them, is Ercole Bonatesta, a city councilor who wants to get involved in the deal of the new stadium in Rome, just like Cinaglia (Filippo Nigro). To interpret it is He washed Massene: “Ercole was born into politics: he was placed there by his grandfather to look after the family’s interests. It is clear, however, that he is a gypsy: in his soul he always has been. He is forced to wear this mask to help the Bonatestas. But he has ambitions. And an irrecoverable wound: that is, having seen his parents die before his eyes. He is an orphan, a very lonely character, who has not received love and is continually humiliated by his grandfather. But at a certain point he decides to do as he says, taking advantage of his intelligence

In Eternal Suburra Angelica is like Daenerys Targaryen

Suburraeterna Federica Sabatini Carlotta Antonelli

SUBURRÆTERNA: Federica Sabatini and Carlotta Antonelli in a scene

Angelica in Eternal Suburra she has made a new life and a family with Damiano. She is fundamental to the relationships between all the characters. The actress Carlotta Antonelli confirms it: “We lost the impulsive Angelica. She has a new personality. And above all it is the link between the worlds that meet. So you have a great responsibility: you have to try to make sure that everything goes well, that everything is as it should be. She makes an impression on me: if we think about the character from 3-4 years ago it’s a completely different thing. But I really like this evolution, which is very important in the series. She is very confident now.

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