Big Brother, Greta Rossetti: “You already insult me ​​enough, I deny some news”

Greta Rossetti, the former temptress of Temptation Island, girlfriend of Mirko Brunetti, shared a video on her Instagram profile where she wanted to deny a news relating to her entry into the Big Brother House.

Greta Rossetti, the former temptress of Temptation Island and girlfriend of Mirko Brunetti, shared a video on his Instagram profile where he wanted to deny a piece of news relating to his entry into the Casa del Big Brother.

“You already insult me ​​enough, at least I deny one piece of news so you insult me ​​less – declared Rossetti – Don’t worry, I’m not going to Gande tonight Brother, I’m at my house, I’ll leave everyone calm, calm. I’m here, the others are there, I don’t go into the GF, I’m at my house.”

During tonight’s episode, the twenty-first, from previews spread by the social pages of the reality show, we will talk about the relationship between Mirko and Perla Vatierohis ex-girlfriend with whom the 26-year-old seems increasingly close, waiting for a flashback that most viewers dream of.

Perla it is very supported from the outside as opposed to Greta who they blame for having meddled in a relationship that to many still seems solid and characterized by a real feeling that has never faded on the part of both. In these days, Mirko and Perla they had the opportunity to meet several times and Brunetti reiterated the affection he feels for her also confessing that he had perhaps gone too far with Greta.

“Yes, she is a woman – declared Mirko speaking with Paolo and Ciro – She has always been a woman. Now she has matured. She is the most loyal person I have ever met. Characteristically, however, we are completely opposite. Perhaps it is also the coexistence which leads you to see different aspects. Our situation had become precisely… Perhaps my cry from the other time was also a cry of liberation… seeing her serene. She will never be indifferent to me, not even in ten years. The way I have lived Perla and the way I experience things in depth, ours was like a marriage. All that was left was for me to put the ring on her finger. The reality of the facts is this”

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