Big Brother, Fiordaliso on Beatrice Luzzi’s side: “I feel like defending her completely” (VIDEO)

Fiordaliso defends Beatrice Luzzi at Gf after the accusations made by Giuseppe Garibaldi against the actress.

There’s very little time left until new episode of Big Brotherwhich will go broadcast tonight Monday 20 November 2023 on Canale 5. While waiting, Fiordaliso openly took Beatrice Luzzi’s side after discussion broke out in the house between the actress, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Vittorio Menozzi.

Fiordaliso defends Beatrice Luzzi

The argument broke out at Big Brother between Beatrice Luzzi, Vittorio Menozzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi has become a topic of discussion in the House. According to her, she thought about it Cornflower that, speaking with Rosy Chin and Anita Olivierirevealed the actress’s intention to clarify her position and the truth that concerns you:

I told her that you too have changed your mind and to stay calm. She wants to take each of you to tell you this thing. I told her there’s no need. It’s clear that you two can’t stand each other, but there is a tacit agreement, one doesn’t attack the other and doesn’t talk about it (referring to the stormy relationship between Anita and Beatrice). Believe aunt, I would be the first person she would tell. She asked me why I hadn’t mentioned you, but I adore you…

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It’s not true that Beatrice manipulates, it’s not true… I feel like defending her completely – continued Fiordaliso defending Beatrice – This thing came out of Giuseppe’s mouth, we have to say it… Bea never said anything to me, this what he is telling everyone is not true. If they saw each other.

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