Big Brother: “Beatrice wants to abound on reality TV” Letizia’s confession

Moment of great discouragement for Beatrice Luzzi who confessed to Letizia that she wanted to leave the Big Brother House.

In recent days, Beatrice Luzzi experienced moments of great despair after feeling betrayed by Vittorio Menozzi who would have reported to Garibaldi that the actress wanted her to name him even though she reiterated very firmly that she had never said anything of the sort.

Big Brother, Beatrice Luzzi collapses: “I can’t trust anyone”

L’Roman actress collapsed and cried in the arms of her former enemy Massimiliano Varrese. The issue that brought down the Luzzi are the chatter of some of his roommates, including Garibaldi:

“Giuseppe goes around saying that I manipulate Vittorio as I manipulated him – declared Beatrice, as reported by Biccy – Do you realise? This is because Vittorio, who was my friend, made up things about me. I can’t trust anyone anymore. I can’t be alone, I need emotion and human relationships and here I see that it’s not possible. How do I move forward? I feel so out of place… I’m a childish person from an emotional point of view. Without affection I don’t live and this also applies in here. Being betrayed by those I trusted destabilized me. The fact that you can’t get attached here is very sad.”

The moment he is experiencing Beatrice it would be so stressful and tense that the Luzzi he would have confessed to Letizia about wanting to leave the Big Brother House.

“She had an outburst earlier, she feels very bad about what happened. She told me ‘I had finally found a friend in here and this also drives me crazy’. She’s absolutely right, we can’t tell her anything. She actually said that she wants to leave and that she can’t stay because she can’t stand it anymore. Girl has reason on her side. She had bonded with Vittorio in a very beautiful way and now he too… Think how tiring it can be. She had found someone like Vitto to talk to and now he made a big deal behind her back. She feels betrayed and it’s true because that’s what happened. You can say anything, but in this case others made mistakes and made things up and she’s right.”

After the “betrayal” of Vittorioactually Beatrice she doesn’t have many gieffini to count on and trust even if, in the last few days, she is much closer to Peter and found a certain harmony and intimacy with Stem.

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